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> Isn 't it incredibly hard to predict costs for cloud services?

Not a known and predictable requirement basis. There are problems with  
some of the cheapest options such as Amazon's new auction-based service.  
But for anything where large resources are required but time is not a  
given, it's a good model. Indeed The Economist even recently covered the  
nascent market for resources.

We will at some point come to forget that Amazon ever sold things apart  
 from CPU cycles!

There will be issues about concentration - I remember someone at  
Europython last year euphorically welcoming the fact that 25% (or  
relatively high percentage) of all sites are now on one of four providers.  
A thought that fills me with the collywobbles, I'm not afraid to admit.  
But hopefully utility computing can find its way into smaller data centres  
both in-house and down the road.

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