I've built a LDAP authorizing login using repoze.who-1.0.10 and 
repoze.who.plugins.ldap-1.0 under Pylons-0.9.7. Now I want to use 
repoze.who_friendlyform-1.0.4 to report  an incorrect login message to the 
user. Unfortunately, the login count doesn't seem to be incrementing.

Before I go into detail, is there a simpler way to display a message to the 
user on a failed login? Am I dense or is this much more than an effort than it 
should be? Most searches I've tried pull up FriendlyForm.

The problem is that 
repoze.who.plugins.friendlyform.FriendlyFormPlugin.challenge() does not get 
called on a login attempt, so the counter (in both environ and the query) 
doesn't increment. Valid users authenticate OK.

I wrote my own authenticator which checks to see whether an authorized LDAP 
user exists in the app DB, and my own mdprovider which copies the related user 
object from the DB to the repoze identity. Everything else is in line with the 

The code and config is below. The make_redirecting_plugin method which 
FriendlyForm lacks is ripped from repoze.who.plugins.form. Any ideas as to how 
to get this working would much appreciated.


The form section of who.ini:

use = foo.lib.auth:make_redirecting_plugin
login_form_url = /login
login_handler_path = /dologin
logout_handler_path = /logout
rememberer_name = auth_tkt

use = repoze.who.plugins.auth_tkt:make_plugin
secret = sekrit

Method referenced above:

def make_redirecting_plugin(login_form_url=None,
    """Taken from repoze.who.plugins.form for FriendlyForm."""
    if login_form_url is None:
        raise ValueError(
            'must include login_form_url in configuration')
    if login_handler_path is None:
        raise ValueError(
            'login_handler_path must not be None')
    if logout_handler_path is None:
        raise ValueError(
            'logout_handler_path must not be None')
    if rememberer_name is None:
        raise ValueError(
            'must include rememberer key (name of another IIdentifier plugin)')
    plugin = FriendlyFormPlugin(login_form_url,
    return plugin

The code for generating the login form:

def login(self):
    identity = request.environ.get('repoze.who.identity')
    if identity is not None:
        came_from = request.params.get('came_from', None)
        if came_from:
    return render('/login.mako').encode('utf8')

The above template checks the counter in environ and outputs a login error if 
it's greater than 0.
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