For maintaining an index for buildout projects, I find to be very easy to use.

Having said that, it probably depends on the following conditions:

1) You have access to a remote server which is likely to be available for at least the length of time the project will run for. 2) You don't mind downloading all required packages onto said server and updating the index via the command line.

I have installed the tool globally and maintain project indexes like so:

$ cd path/to/http/accessible/project/index/
$ wget http://path/to/package.tar.gz
$ makeindex *

And reference the index in the main [buildout] section of the config file.



On 21 Apr 2010, at 23:06, Chris Withers wrote:

Hi All,

I know Chris is keen to run from indexes per projects, such as: I was wondering what people recommend, software wise, for
maintaining such an index per project?



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