Il giorno gio, 22/04/2010 alle 20.45 +0800, Tim Hoffman ha scritto:
> Hi Davide
> No refactoring is required that I have found to date.  You just can't
> use zodb etc....
> so you need to use appengines models.  So you are using the
> view/traversal/routes/events parts of
> bfg. I would also suggest you declare views using python rather than using 
> zcml.

Hi Tim,
thank you for your tips. So using zcml with gae we can expect problems?

Yes, I know that you cannot use zodb and I'm dealing with gae models but
my question is another.
In my simple standalone bfg application I am able to get params data
from the webob request in a callable view (request.params.get('name') or

Running the same code under GAE I'm not able to get any data in my
callable view and I was just wondering if I'm missing something. It
seems that request is not defined.

Without GAE:
(Pdb) request.params
UnicodeMultiDict([('id', u'asdf'), ('name', u'asdf')])

With GAE:
(Pdb) request.params



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