Chris McDonough wrote:
> You could do:
> def app(global_config, **settings):
>     config = Configurator(settings=settings)
>     config.begin()
>     config.registry.provideUtility(factory(), ISomething)
>     config.scan()
>     config.end()
>     return config.make_wsgi_app()
>> ...or do I have to do something to make sure I register in the right
>> registry?
> During the configuration stage, the "current" global registry is defined 
> as whatever registry is attached to the configurator between the begin() 
> and end() calls.

<clueless alert>

In a wsgi app, is the app function above executed once per process or 
once per thread?

> Preferably, don't do that at all, and you'll wind up putting 
> registrations into the Zope global registry, which your app can use 
> independently.

...right, but if I do that configuration inside app(), and it gets 
executed once per thread, won't I be re-doing the global registrations 
unnecessarilly? (I don't know if that has bad consequences...)


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