On Mon, 2010-05-03 at 12:55 -0700, Sam Brauer wrote:
> Hi there!  I'm a long-time Zope 2 user finally trying to do a demo project 
> with Repoze.bfg.  
> First
> off, congratulations to everyone developing Repoze!  You've really
> cherry picked the best concepts from Zope and packaged them in a lean
> modern framework.
> My demo project was going along very well
> until I tried to wire up some subscribers for repoze.folder events; my
> subscriber callbacks don't seem to be firing.  After trying a few days
> to figure out the problem, I think I need to ask for help.  I've tried
> to come up with a small example to demonstrate the problem, and I'd be
> very grateful for any help.  I feel like I'm missing something that
> should be obvious.

Hi Sam,

The events sent by repoze.folder are "object events", which are events
dispatched based on *two* interfaces (the context interface and the
event interface).  Here's an example from KARL:


Hopefully this helps, 

- C

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