We're doing a BFG app with a MongdoDB backend, and the Deform stuff seems 
perfect for us, really enjoying using it so far. 

But I can't figure out how to make a field in a schema optional if it's not a 
String.  (I've done this in Django model schemas where I can use the flag 
"null=True" and blank=True" on a non-string type). My reading of the docs says 
that setting a field's


it makes a field non-required, and default='' is fine for String types, but not 
so helpful for Integer, Date and other nonStrings.  I've read doc mentioning 


but allow_empty applies only to String and these seem to have no effect either. 
 I'm looking to do something like:

class StandardFields(colander.MappingSchema):
    manufacturer                = SchemaNode(String(), default='') # not 
    obsolete_date               = SchemaNode(Date(),    required=False, 
    length                      = SchemaNode(Float(),   required=False, 
    units_per_pack              = SchemaNode(Integer(), required=False, 

but find these don't work: my fields are required to be set.  Supplying a 
default value to indicate a non-required field, e.g.:

    units_per_pack              = SchemaNode(Integer(), default=0)

also feels wrong, since this will set the actual value to 0 upon storage to the 

I am probably missing something in the docs. Perhaps I need a different 
approach for non-required fields, like making the schema a String but having a 
validator ensure they're my desired type if any value is provided on the form 
-- this seems a round-about way to do things.

Any suggestions? 


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