I know this is not enough info for a real diagnosis, but thought maybe
someone would be able to say where I might look for issues from a

I wrote a bfg app using repoze.who, and it uses a custom authentication
plugin. In the apps zcml I'm using

My authentication plugin is working fine. I made a login view that checks
for the authenticated user
userid = authenticated_userid(request)
log.info("login_view() userid: %s" % userid)
log.info("login_view: environ['REMOTE_USER']: %s" %
request.environ.get('REMOTE_USER') )

and returns a status 403 to generate the form if the remote user isn't
found. This is all working fine.

Then... I took the code from this app and ported it over to another, that is
packaged slightly differently. I'm pulling my hair out because as far as I
can tell, functionally the auth and auth is handled the exact same, but on
the new one, after authentication, the REMOTE_USER key doesn't stick around.
My authentication plugin fires fine, and authenticates the user ( verified
with good old pdb )
but outside of that ( in in views ) there is no repoze.who.identity object
in the environ or REMOTE_USER key.

Does anyone have any idea where I might look for what has changed? or know
what other info I could provide to help debug this. I did switch from a raw
virtual env to a buildout environment, but everything else seems to be

thanks from the asylum
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