I'm pleased to announce that a new release of the repoze.who LDAP plugin is 

The following features have been implemented by Lorenzo Catucci of the 
University of Rome Tor Vergata:
- Changed the license to the Repoze license.
- Provided start_tls option both for the authenticator and the metadata 
- Enable both pattern-replacement and subtree searches for the naming 
attribute in _get_dn().
- Enabled configuration of the naming attribute
- Enabled the option to bind to the server with privileged credential before 
doing searches
- Added a restrict pattern to pre-authentication DN searches
- Let the user choose whether to return the full DN or the supplied login as 
the user identifier.

This is a backwards compatible release and we're looking forward to getting 
feedback about the new features.

Because I'm no longer maintaining this plugin actively [1], I depend on your 
feedback to know if/when we're ready for a final 1.1 release. If I get no or 
little feedback, I'll do a final release in a few months without changes to 
this alpha release.


[1] http://www.mail-archive.com/repoze-dev@lists.repoze.org/msg01792.html
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