Hi folks, I'm getting a really weird error wondering if anyone might have
experienced anything like it.

I made a view url building helper, url_for. It uses the route name, and
builds the correct url for the resource, where this route is a hybrid route
with traversal. My helper works fine, when I log from it, I get what I want.
It's returning the correct url. My logging output looks good:
15:42:38,354 INFO  [xornot.dram.views] route_name: admin
15:42:38,354 INFO  [xornot.dram.views] resource_path: pet
15:42:38,354 INFO  [xornot.dram.views] traverse: [u'pet', '1', 'edit']
15:42:38,354 INFO  [xornot.dram.views] returning url:

But when I call this view helper from a zpt template like so:

I see the correct url coming out of the logger, and in my actual response in
the browser I see

( the route name appearing twice ).

The only thing that might be funny here is that the route does use a wrapper
view, but I can't for the life of me figure out why the string being
returned from the helper function correctly is getting mutated when it is
shown through the zpt template. Any one have any ideas what might be going?
Helper code below:


 87     # XXX: fixing this, June 13
 88     def url_for(self, action, context=None):
 89         "return a url for actions new/edit/delete, depending on context"
 90         log.info("\n\nurl_for() action: %s  context: %s" % (action,
context) )
 91         # base ActionView.url_for is for ResourceProxy objects
 92         context = context or self.context
 93         route_name = self.request['bfg.routes.route'].name
 94         log.info("route_name: %s" % route_name)
 95         resource_class = getattr(self.context, 'resource_class',
 96             getattr( self.context, '__class__' ) )
 97         resource_path = self.get_resource_path(resource_class)
 98         log.info("resource_path: %s" % resource_path)
 99         traverse = [resource_path, action]
100         # for new or list actions, we want to use parent path
101         if action not in ('new', 'list', 'delete'):
102             traverse.insert( -1, '%s' % context.id )
103         log.info("traverse: %s" % traverse)
104         url = route_url(route_name, self.request, traverse=traverse )
105         log.info("returning url: %s" % url)
106         return url
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