Gustavo Narea <> added the comment:

Hello, Vince.

Thank you very much for reporting this and offering a patch.

We need tests before applying this patch though. If you could write them/it, 
that'd be great as I could release a 
new version of the plugin immediately. If not, I'm afraid we'll have to wait 
until I have some spare time next 

I'm particularly in the tests because I haven't used dynamic relationship 
loaders before and according to the 
documentation "eager/lazy loading options cannot be used in conjunction dynamic 
relationships". So I'm not sure 
if what we need is the following instead (i.e., do nothing when it's dynamic):

query = self.dbsession.query(self.children_class)
relation = getattr(self.children_class, self.translations['sections'])

if != "dynamic":


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