Hey all, I'm new to the Python world and was happy to find such a great
framework for authentication and authorization. I used the quickstart plugin
and was up and running without any difficulty.

Writing functional tests for our Pylons app has proven to be a challenge. I
decided to start by forging/bypassing the authentication with the help
of repoze.who.plugins.testutil. Looking at the instructions at
they don't seem to be written with the quickstart plugin in mind.

My configuration consists of this in the middleware.py:

app = add_auth(app)

Which loads this add_auth function:

def add_auth(app):
    return setup_sql_auth(app, User, Group, Permission, Session,
        login_url = '/login',
        login_handler = '/authenticate',
        post_login_url = '/dashboard',
        logout_handler = '/logout',
        post_logout_url = '/login',
        cookie_secret = 'abc',
        translations = {
            'user_name': 'nickname',
            'group_name': 'name',
            'permission_name': 'name'})

Can someone point me in the right direction?

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