Hello, Ryan.

You said:
> Still having trouble though. Even when I change the status from 200 to 302,
> there's a redirection back to my login page, not the post-login page.
> I'm running Pylons 1.0 and my own user testing works fine. Any reason my
> test environment might behave differently?

Off the top of my head, the redirect you describe would happen if the 
login/password was incorrect or the post-login page points to the same as the 
login one.

It'd be great if you could run the test suite with the "repoze.who" logger set 
to "debug". It will tell us what's exactly happening.

Can you please post the code for the following? The problem is in one of them:

 - The code used to configure repoze.who (INI and/or Python).
 - Your test.ini file.
 - The setUp() method of the test case.
 - The code for the test_voluntary_login() test, if it's different from the 
repoze.who-testutil documentation.

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