Just a follow up.

I changed all occurences of HTTPFound to HTTPSeeOther and redeployed
to appengine.
And now iphones and ipads accessing the application via Telstra 3G
network now behave correctly.

So I think I am correct in my interpretation and resolution.

If people agree I will supply a patch (oops I haven't check repoze.who
2.x to see if its already been done there.)


On Mon, Sep 13, 2010 at 1:39 PM, Tim Hoffman <zutes...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi
> I have run into a bit of a weird problem.
> I am using repoze.who successfully on appengine (not really relevant
> ;-) and did some testing recently of the application
> on an iphone4 on telstra's 3G network, and login's stopped working.
> (previous testing was on various other 3G and conventional ISP, with
> normal browsers, iphone, ipad and android)
> On Telstra3G network we have found that on successful login repoze.who
> (1.0.18) does a HTTPFound(came_from)  to send you to the page/url
> which is your planned destination.  paste (1.7.2)  HTTPFound returns
> http status 302.  And on all networks I had tried to date it works
> fine
> but on telstra we actually get served the original login form which
> was the original result of the inital failed page request
> To help illustrate step by step what happens with repoze.who
> redirecting form plugin.
> Start out not logged in
> goto url  -> /home  -  get a 302 response with location
> /login?came_from=/home  as we are not logged
> browser loads -> /login?came_from=/home user logs in with a POST, and
> redirecting form now sends 302 with location /home  (See line 191
> who/plugins/form.py)
> iphone/ipad now tries to get ->  /home and telstra serves up the
> cached previous response for /home which is  /login?came_from=/home
> Which is not what I expected ;-)
> However having a read up on 302 status on wikipedia it suggests that
> in fact if adhering to the letter of the law a 303 response
> should actually be returned by redirecting form plugin. So maybe
> telstra is doing the right thing.  The wikipedia article on 302
> suggests the use 303 behaviour for 302 is a common pattern.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_302  and
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_303
> So I think the redirecting form plugin for repoze.who should in fact
> be using HTTPSeeOther paste exception rather than HTTPFound.
> Does any one agree with my interpretation of whats going on ?
> Comments welcome ?
> Regards
> Tim Hoffman
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