repoze.bfg 1.3a13 has been released.  It is a minor feature release.

It can be installed via:

   easy_install -i repoze.bfg

Or via PyPI.

The docs at have been updated.

The changelog follows.

1.3a13 (2010-09-14)

Bug Fixes

- The ``traverse`` route predicate could not successfully generate a
  traversal path.


- In support of making it easier to configure applications which are
  "secure by default", a default permission feature was added.  If
  supplied, the default permission is used as the permission string to
  all view registrations which don't otherwise name a permission.
  These APIs are in support of that:

  - A new constructor argument was added to the Configurator:

  - A new method was added to the Configurator:

  - A new ZCML directive was added: ``default_permission``.

- Add a new request API: ``request.add_finished_callback``.  Finished
  callbacks are called by the router unconditionally near the very end
  of request processing.  See the "Using Finished Callbacks" section
  of the "Hooks" narrative chapter of the documentation for more

- A ``request.matched_route`` attribute is now added to the request
  when a route has matched.  Its value is the "route" object that
  matched (see the ``IRoute`` interface within
  ``repoze.bfg.interfaces`` API documentation for the API of a route

- The ``exception`` attribute of the request is now set slightly
  earlier and in a slightly different set of scenarios, for benefit of
  "finished callbacks" and "response callbacks".  In previous
  versions, the ``exception`` attribute of the request was not set at
  all if an exception view was not found.  In this version, the
  ``request.exception`` attribute is set immediately when an exception
  is caught by the router, even if an exception view could not be

- The ``add_route`` method of a Configurator now accepts a
  ``pregenerator`` argument.  The pregenerator for the resulting route
  is called by ``route_url`` in order to adjust the set of arguments
  passed to it by the user for special purposes, such as Pylons
  'subdomain' support.  It will influence the URL returned by
  ``route_url``.  See the ``repoze.bfg.interfaces.IRoutePregenerator``
  interface for more information.

Backwards Incompatibilities

- The router no longer sets the value ``wsgiorg.routing_args`` into
  the environ when a route matches. The value used to be something
  like ``((), matchdict)``.  This functionality was only ever
  obliquely referred to in change logs; it was never documented as an

- The ``exception`` attribute of the request now defaults to ``None``.
  In prior versions, the ``request.exception`` attribute did not exist
  if an exception was not raised by user code during request
  processing; it only began existence once an exception view was


- The ``repoze.bfg.interfaces.IWSGIApplicationCreatedEvent`` event
  interface was renamed to
  ``repoze.bfg.interfaces.IApplicationCreated``.  Likewise, the
  ```` class was renamed
  to ````.  The older aliases will
  continue to work indefinitely.

- The ``repoze.bfg.interfaces.IAfterTraversal`` event interface was
  renamed to ``repoze.bfg.interfaces.IContextFound``.  Likewise, the
  ```` class was renamed to
  ````.  The older aliases will continue
  to work indefinitely.

- References to the WSGI environment values ``bfg.routes.matchdict``
  and ``bfg.routes.route`` were removed from documentation.  These
  will stick around internally for several more releases, but it is
  ``request.matchdict`` and ``request.matched_route`` are now the
  "official" way to obtain the matchdict and the route object which
  resulted in the match.


- Added documentation for the ``default_permission`` ZCML directive.

- Added documentation for the ``default_permission`` constructor value
  and the ``set_default_permission`` method in the Configurator API

- Added a new section to the "security" chapter named "Setting a
  Default Permission".

- Document ``renderer_globals_factory`` and ``request_factory``
  arguments to Configurator constructor.

- Added two sections to the "Hooks" chapter of the documentation:
  "Using Response Callbacks" and "Using Finished Callbacks".

- Added documentation of the ``request.exception`` attribute to the
  ``repoze.bfg.request.Request`` API documentation.

- Added glossary entries for "response callback" and "finished

- The "Request Processing" narrative chapter has been updated to note
  finished and response callback steps.

- New interface in interfaces API documentation: ``IRoutePregenerator``.

- Added a "The Matched Route" section to the URL Dispatch narrative
  docs chapter, detailing the ``matched_route`` attribute.

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