repoze.bfg 1.3a14 has been released.  It is a release for compatibility
with WebOb 1.0 (just released today).

It can be installed via:

   easy_install -i repoze.bfg

Or via PyPI.

The docs at have been updated.

The changelog follows.

1.3a14 (2010-09-14)

Bug Fixes

- If an exception view was registered through the legacy
  ``set_notfound_view`` or ``set_forbidden_view`` APIs, the context
  sent to the view was incorrect (could be ``None`` inappropriately).


- Compatibility with WebOb 1.0.


- Now requires WebOb >= 1.0.

Backwards Incompatibilities

- Due to changes introduced WebOb 1.0, the
  ``repoze.bfg.request.make_request_ascii`` event subscriber no longer
  works, so it has been removed.  This subscriber was meant to be used
  in a deployment so that code written before BFG 0.7.0 could run
  unchanged.  At this point, such code will need to be rewritten to
  expect Unicode from ``request.GET``, ``request.POST`` and
  ``request.params`` or it will need to be changed to use
  ``request.str_POST``, ``request.str_GET`` and/or
  ``request.str_params`` instead of the non-``str`` versions of same,
  as the non-``str`` versions of the same APIs always now perform
  decoding to Unicode.


- A prior changelog entry asserted that the ``INewResponse`` event was
  not sent to listeners if the response was not "valid" (if a view or
  renderer returned a response object that did not have a
  status/headers/app_iter).  This is not true in this release, nor was
  it true in 1.3a13.

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