On 09/14/2010 05:18 PM, Ian Bicking wrote:
> WebOb 1.0!
> This doesn't represent any particular development event, simply an
> acknowledgement that WebOb is well past what would be called "1.0" --
> stable, complete, with a well-defined scope, and as a dependency for
> many other projects its API is and should be very stable.
> Thanks to everyone who helped, and in particular to Sergey Schetinin for
> his ongoing help with many a bug fix.

That's great news!

I wanted to celebrate by upgrading a project to WebOb 1.0, but 
unfortunately, the new version broke some tests.  There is a bug in 
either WebOb 1.0 or BFG 1.2.1.  The BFG traverse() function now causes 
this exception:

   DeprecationWarning: The class attr [default_]charset is deprecated

This is raised by request.py.  WebOb 0.9.8 used the warnings module to 
issue this warning, while WebOb 1.0 raises the warning as an exception. 
  I think WebOb needs to go back to using the warnings module, since I 
don't think raising a warning as an exception is correct.

Here is the relevant change:


We could alternatively say that BFG needs to remove the default_charset 
attribute from its request object, but if that's the case, then WebOb 
should issue a deprecation error, not a warning.

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