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> Hi there,
> I am currently evaluating Deform + Colander for an upcoming project.
> Open questions:
> Is there some support (in the renderer) for grouping fields? E.g. we
> have a "Person" form with fields for business and privat address. The
> related fields should be grouped together (e.g. through a fieldset).

One possibly wrong way to do this would be to create a subschema:

class Address(colander.Schema):

class MySchema(colander.Schema)
    private = Address()
    public = Address()

This will render each address in its own fieldset.

Another would be a custom address widget.

Neither is entirely satisfactory in every context.  I'd like to provide
documentation that would allow Deform widgets to be used imperatively in
a template, but I don't have it.

> Does Deform provide some kind of "View" mode support (beside the
> rendering of the edit form itself) - similar to View/Edit mode in
> Archetypes?

There's a readonly mode for the entire form.  But there isn't a readonly
mode for individual widgets on a form yet.

> What is the strategy for "filtered" edit forms. E.g. a Manager
> should be allowed to edit all fields of a "Person" - a standard
> editor should be allowed to edit only a subset of the fields - all other
> fields should be either hidden or show as text ("View" mode).

Schema binding and the "after_bind" mechanism could be used to do this.
See http://docs.repoze.org/colander/binding.html#after-bind

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