On Fri, Dec 24, 2010 at 1:43 PM, Luca Fabbri <l...@keul.it> wrote:
> chameleon reference in up again, however I found that this translation
> reference is based only on zope.i18 that I already tried in bfg 1.2
> version without being able to see it working (a lot of dependencies
> problems).
> I don't understand a thing: so the bfg.18n package is only for
> translating strings inside python code? As far as I need to translate
> templates I can simply forget this module and go back to use zope.18n?

...also I found this note in the bfg translation reference:


Unlike when Chameleon is used outside of repoze.bfg, when it is used
within repoze.bfg, it does not support use of the zope.i18n
translation framework. Applications which use repoze.bfg should use
the features documented in this chapter rather than zope.i18n."

-- luca
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