I'm using repoze.what, repoze.who and repoze.what.plugins.quickstart in a
pylons application. However, in order to load any page, it has to make a SQL
call with two joins in it (since Users to Groups is an N to M relation). I
don't need that much flexibility and could get away with a setup where each
user is only a member of one group, making for a much simpler relation.  If
I change the SQLAlchemy model to reflect this, with the repoze.* middleware
"just work"? And more importantly, will it work correctly without any
negative consequences?

Ideally, what I want is a static set of groups and don't need the
permissions aspect. I really only need a dynamic set of users in the DB (so
group could even be a column of the Users table).  Would it be better to go
a different route than the repoze.* authorization frameworks or can they be
bent to work in this way?


- Chris
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