Hi all.

I've decided to pass primary maintainer duties to Sergey Schetinin (maluke)
for WebOb -- while I have attended to WebOb sporadically he has been far
more consistent in responding to bugs and inquiries, and in many ways has
been acting maintainer.  So I think it fitting to make that more formal and
give Sergey that title more formally, and put project management in the
hands of someone doing the project management.

WebOb of course is used by many of libraries, and as such must remain stable
and conservative in its forward development, but I think its scope makes the
meaning of that fairly clear for everyone so I am not worried on that
front.  Python 3 is the one thing that looms, and with PEP 3333 a porting
effort is now reasonable.  I'm not sure that it's at the top of Sergey's
list of things to do, but I hope the community can organize itself in this
respect -- I believe well-done port of WebOb could make the porting effort
for other libraries much easier as it can serve as insulation for many of
the more tweaky differences between the Python versions.

Relatedly, I am also interested in finding maintainers for other packages,
such as Paste*, WebTest, ScriptTest, FormEncode, WSGIProxy, and virtualenv.
If you are interested or have any questions, please contact me (email or
IRC, I'm easy enough to find).

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