On 01/20/2012 12:06 PM, alex bodnaru wrote:
> hello friends,
well i managed to fix that with repoze.what.plugins.config

as for the translations, i understood it's a sql adapter only feature, so i
coped with them in a plugin invoking that adapter.

thanks again for the oportunity to enjoy the fruits of your work,

> i've made a who.ini loaded with repoze.who.config make_middleware_with_config,
> which has a few plugins i needed.
> in addition, a translation is needed.
> both things were tested separately: authentication works, and the translation
> works if i'm skipping authentication in what.ini (loaded by
> repoze.what.plugins.quickstart add_auth_from_config).
> but together they don't work for me:
> alex

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