Hi list,

I am using repoze.who 1.0.18 with pylons to authenticate some users
within my application.

But the strange thing is, that the timeout does not seem to work properly.
The timeout was set to 3000 and the reissue_time to 1000, but the user
is logged out much much earlier. And 
And even if he navigates through the UI, he gets logged out after about
5 or 10 minutes.

My who.ini looks like below.

Thanks for any hint.

Kind regards

use = repoze.who.plugins.form:make_redirecting_plugin
#use = lseappliance.lib.repoze_who_pam::make_redirecting_plugin
login_form_url = /account/login
login_handler_path = /account/dologin
logout_handler_path = /account/logout
rememberer_name = auth_tkt

use = repoze.who.plugins.auth_tkt:make_plugin
secret = WCD9jL3CD8secDUf
timeout = 3600
reissue_time = 1800
#secure = "true"
#include_ip = "true"
cookie_name = lseappliance_who

request_classifier = repoze.who.classifiers:default_request_classifier
challenge_decider = repoze.who.classifiers:default_challenge_decider

plugins =

plugins = lseappliance.lib.repoze_who_pam:PamAuthenticatorPlugin

plugins = form;browser

# we do not need additional meta data
plugins = lseappliance.lib.repoze_who_pam:PamAuthenticatorPlugin

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