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Title: Is Traditional Book Marketing Getting you Down? 
Author: Judy Cullins
Copyright 2004.  All Rights Reserved.

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Category: web marketing / online promotion

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Judy Cullins, M.A.

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Is Traditional Book Marketing Getting you Down? 
Judy Cullins c. 2004  All Rights Reserved

"Are you disappointed and tired of time and money down the drain using 
traditional book marketing? How would you like to sell more books than you ever 
dreamed of in less time and never have to leave your office?" Would you like to do 
it all for free?

"Discover How in Only Four Months You Can Quadruple your Monthly Book Income 
to Reach 10,000 to 100,000 Internet Users Who Want your 
Information-GUARANTEED- To Move You to Top Profits You've Been Dreaming About." 

Suppose you could sit at your computer, promote your information product 
either in print or eBook format to thousands of prospective buyers Online weekly. 
And spend only six to nine hours a week by simply writing short articles or 
tips and submitting them to major opt-in ezines and top web sites in your field?

If you're like me, and love your business, you certainly want to be 
successful! Whatever product, you will be pleasantly surprised by how easy and fast 
this #1 way to market--the Internet! One big benefit is that is won't cost you a 
dime. (Yes, you can combine traditional marketing with this one) 

Since marketing both my books and coaching service on the Web for three 
years, huge results made my business not only more financially successful, it was 
far easier and more fun. Those are top values in my book. Oh, did I mention? 
Online marketing is totally free. 

If your business is down, your frustration level at an all time high, and you 
don't know what to do about it, think these results:

-Raising Web sales from $75 to $3000 in eight months
-Increasing book and Internet coaching clients from 7 to 17 in two months.
-Boosting search engine placement to # 1 in Google, Yahoo and 35 others in 
eight months. Still #1 in 2004.
-Increasing ezine subscribers 15-25 a day from 75 to 3200 
-Listings on 4500 Web sites with a hyperlink back to my Web site where I sell 
my services and products

As Bill Gates said, "There will be two kinds of business following 2000--On 
the Internet, or out of business."

Even with a slow economy, some of the best promotion opportunities ever-are 
available to people who know the secrets of how to grab them! And, beginners 
are welcome! You...

-don't need previous online or marketing experience
-don't need to pay big dollars to get the how to's
-don't need a web site or HTML
-don't need your own huge mailing list
-won't pay a penny to submit articles to get your word out
-don't need to leave your home office
-don't even need your own web site 

Think about it. The "Big Three Marketing Machine" of your articles, 
eNewsletter, and your print or eBook are the most important "assistants" you can every 
possess. They relentlessly go out and deliver your message to your 
eager-to-buy Online audience. The one audience where there is no competition for your 
information because you only seek out a Free, targeted audience. After a few 
months, you can make this marketing even easier with automating messages and using 
a low-cost assistant to delegate this to.

Three Steps to Build on to Get The Highest Profits Ever

1. Write a short informational article from 150-800 words.

2. Subscribe to a few opt-in ezines you can later submit articles to.  Try 

3. Submit one to two articles each week, and watch for emails saying that 
this Web master or owner wants to publish your article on her site. After you 
submit over 20 or so, you will become a household name, and many people will come 
to your site to browse first, then later buy. 

Even if you don't think of yourself as a writer, these short articles are 
easy write once you repeat your effort several times. 

Instead of knocking yourself out trying to do it all alone, imagine what it 
would be like to have all the how-to's, opt-in ezine and top web site resources 
in many categories such as business, personal growth, even spirituality in 
ready to send links. You also don't have to go looking for new email addresses 
because the opt-in ezines provide your targeted readers.

When you submit your short article or tip related to your topic to 10 or more 
ezines with just one click, you will be published! (Just think how long and 
arduous the journey is to submit to print magazines) and out of 1000 
subscribers to each ezine, ten to twenty readers will contact you saying they want 
information for their web site. If you wanted to reach the same 15,000 in one 
day through traditional marketing, it would take $615 in stamps, 15,000 
envelopes, and some $120 for printing the article, plus weeks to capture their email 

Wouldn't it be great to never again have to work so hard with little results? 
Just think of the confidence and power you will gain when you expand yourself 
in this easy format. Think of many thousands reading your book next month 
rather that the few sales you make at the back of the room with a talk, or the 
press release you send that lands in the round file.

Did I mention it's just you and your computerâ

-Less trouble 
-No telling in person 
-No selling in person 
-More Convenience 
-Spend less time 
-Spend much less money 
-Have vast, endless opportunities 
-Little or no competition 
-Eliminate the middlemen 
-You reach greater #'s of your targeted market 

You get to have a great adventure--and keep all the profit for yourself AND 
leverage your time for multiple, fast sales.

Stop doing what doesn't work--Delegate some of your work to the Internet! 
And, if you don't want to take time for this method, teach it to a low-cost 
assistant who can do it all in less than six hours a week.
Judy Cullins: 20-year author, speaker, book coach
Helps entrepreneurs manifest their book and web dreams
eBk: "How to Market your Business on the Internet"
Special: "Internet Business Marketing Marathon" - Teleclass
$15 - Sept 30, 5pm PT / 8pm ET
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