Title: 12 Top Tips For Up And Coming Article Writers

Author: Ken Hill

Copyright: 2004 Ken Hill

Words: 670

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12 Top Tips For Up And Coming Article Writers
by Ken Hill

1. Make your articles available on your site. 

You'll have an easy way to get more sales by showing your 
visitors that your are an expert on the topic your visitors 
are interested in.

2. Use lots of white space. Keep your sentences and
paragraphs short and to the point.

3. Write for your target audience.

You'll have a better chance of attracting people to your 
site that are interested in purchasing your products.

4. Use numbered lists.

Your numbered lists will help you to effectively share your 
tips with your readers while making your article easy to 

Use your numbered lists to share points on your article's 
topic, list your directions when writing a how to article, 
or to deliver the content of your article if you wanted to 
write a list article.

You can also use numbered lists to share resources related 
to what you talk about in your article along with your 
descriptions of those resources.

5. Use the active voice.

With the active voice the subject does the action while with 
the passive voice the subject receives the action expressed 
by the verb.

For instance:

Active voice: The dog bit the mailman.
Passive voice: The mailman was bitten by the dog.

Use the active voice to keep your sentences from being 
awkward or confusing and to liven up your article.

6. Make your writing more personal by using the word "you" a 
lot within your article. 

A simple way to accomplish this is to write your article to 
one person. 

You'll naturally use the word "you" a lot within your 
article, and your readers will feel like you're talking
directly to them.

7. Don't be afraid to share your personality with your 

You could inject a little bit of humor into your article, or 
share an opinion, story or anecdote that relates to the 
topic of your article.

8. Offer a subscription to your e-zine or a freebie in your
resource box.

Writing articles will help you to get your site promoted on
relevant sites and e-zines at no cost to you. 

Maximize the profit you get from writing your articles by 
giving your readers a subscription to your e-zine, or a 
freebie that they'll find valuable enough to go back to 
again and again.

9. Once you've written your article, wait a couple of days, 
and then reread your article.

You might be able to add new points that you might have 
missed before, add more detail to information you covered in 
your article, or reword parts of your article that are 

10. Use current topics whether online or in the "real world" 
to get ideas for your articles.

Your articles will be cutting edge and newsworthy, and will 
have an excellent chance of being published by e-zine 
publishers and webmasters.

11. Always check and double-check your articles for errors.

Use your spell checker and go over your articles for words
you might have omitted, run-on sentences and for faulty 

Also look for words used incorrectly; for instance, if you 
used "effect" when you should have used "affect" or if you 
used "there" when you should have used "their."

12. Submit your articles to article directories, article 
announcement lists, and to e-zine publishers. 

Your submissions, although time consuming if done manually,
will help you to successfully get your articles published.

Be sure to submit your articles to my article directory at
http://www.netpromarketer.com and to visit 
http://www.netpromarketer.com/directoriesandlists.html where
you'll find a list of article directories and article
announcement lists.

For a handy listing of e-zine publishers that want article
submissions check out http://www.ezinelocater.com.

Also search other e-zine directories for publishers that 
want article submissions and submit your articles to e-zines
that you are subscribed to that accept article submissions 
from their subscribers.

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