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3 Key Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business 
Copyright 2004 Bob Leduc 

Each of these 3 marketing strategies creates permanent 
growth for your business - and obstacles for your 
competition. You can use them repeatedly to add new layers 
of income to your business.

1. Set Up Joint Promotions

Identify the characteristics and activities of your most 
profitable customers. Then look for other non-competing 
businesses that already reach them.

Next, devise a way to set up a joint promotion with these 
non-competing businesses. This proven strategy produces 
dramatic results ...for very little expense.

For example, I once saw a clever joint promotion by a health 
club and a gourmet restaurant. Both businesses catered to 
young professionals and business executives in the same 

The restaurant's menu included several special dishes 
recommended by the health club's nutritionist. It also 
distributed discount membership coupons for the health club.

Even the restaurant's advertising mentioned the affiliation attract health conscious customers who often avoid 
food prepared in gourmet restaurants.

In return, the health club's monthly newsletters included a 
reprint of the restaurant's healthy new menu items that were 
recommended by the club's nutritionist. It also distributed 
discount coupons for the restaurant to club members.

2. Uncover New Niche Markets

Continually look for new niche markets you can serve. Then 
develop customized versions of your advertising that appeals 
to the special concerns of prospects in each niche. Offer 
specific solutions to their unique needs and you'll uncover 
new groups of customers eager to buy from you.

For example, I recently bought a new business computer 
system from a particular company simply because they catered 
to my exact needs.

They first attracted my attention with a postcard announcing 
a special web site for small businesses customers. Once at 
the site, I was able to build the exact system I wanted 
...and for a price I was willing to pay. They won the sale 
by catering to a niche market - that included me.

Tip: One way to find a new niche market is to evaluate your 
existing customers. Look for groups of customers with 
similar characteristics you don't currently cater to in your 
advertising. Then create new versions of your advertising 
appealing to their specific needs. You'll attract a lot more 
customers just like them.

3. Exploit Emerging Trends

Pay attention to changes you notice in your business and 
your markets. Try to spot trends you can turn into new sales 
opportunities ...before your competitors. The first company 
to identify an emerging trend and take action often becomes 
the market leader in their industry.

For example, many small businesses took advantage of the 
Internet early in its development. They used it to attract 
new customers they weren't reaching off-line ...and to 
capture customers from competitors who didn't yet recognize 
the business potential of a web site.

Tip: Don't make sudden major changes in your business to 
exploit a new emerging trend. Instead, add something to your 
business to accommodate it. You don't want to alienate 
customers who are not ready to adapt to the new trend.

Start using these 3 marketing strategies to create permanent 
growth for your business. Use them repeatedly to continue 
adding new layers of permanent income ...without inviting 

Bob Leduc spent 20 years helping businesses like yours find 
new customers and increase sales. He just released a New 
Edition of his manual, How To Build Your Small Business Fast 
With Simple Postcards ...and launched *BizTips from Bob*, a 
newsletter to help small businesses grow and prosper. You'll 
find his low-cost marketing methods at: 
or call: 702-658-1707 After 10 AM Pacific Time/Las Vegas, NV

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