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Neutralize The  Unspoken Objections To Boost Your Sales 
Copyright 2004 Bob  Leduc 

You can increase your sales by neutralizing the  unspoken 
objections your prospects may have to buying from you 
...BEFORE  you ask them to buy. Neutralizing unspoken 
objections will increase the  sales you get from your web 
pages, sales letters and personal  presentations.

Neutralizing objections is easier than it sounds. Most of  
your prospect's objections to buying fall into 1 of only 3 
categories.  Let's look at these 3 categories of objections 
...and some proven tactics  you can use to neutralize them.

1. The Money Objection

Most of  your prospects have (or can get) the money to buy 
what you're selling. But  they have a money objection. Some 
think your price is too high. Others  believe they can get a 
better value from a competitor.

You don't have  to reduce your price to neutralize these 
Money Objections. Here are 2 proven  tactics that work for 
any business.

Enhance the perceived value of  your product or service. For 
example, some businesses include with each sale  a manual, 
CD or downloadable e-Book crammed with information related 
to  using their product or service.

Another effective tactic is to promote  yourself or your 
company as a "Specialist" catering to the special needs of  
a narrowly defined targeted market. Prospects feel 
comfortable when  buying from somebody who thoroughly 
understands them and their unique needs.  They want to do 
business with you - even if you don't offer the lowest  

Here's a simple 3-step process you can follow to develop  
yourself into a specialist:

Step 1: Divide your primary market into  several more 
narrowly defined specialty markets.

Step 2: Learn  everything you can about prospects in each 
new specialty market ...and about  how your product or 
service meets their special needs.

Step 3:  Customize your sales message to appeal directly to 
the special interests and  unique circumstances of prospects 
in each specialty market.

Tip: If  you're attracting many prospects who really don't 
have (or can't get) the  money to buy your product or 
service - you need to change your market.  Target a market 
where prospects have an intense desire for the benefits  
produced by your product or service ...AND the money to buy  

2. The Priorities Objection

Some of your prospective  customer didn't buy from you 
because they put a higher priority on spending  their money 
for something else. You can get many of these sales by  
persuading them to make YOUR product or service their  

For example, develop some special offers your prospects  
can't resist. Create offers so enticing your prospects feel 
compelled to  make your product or service their priority 

Tip: Include a  deadline for every offer. It forces 
procrastinating prospects to make a  decision. Many will 
decide to buy immediately so they don't forfeit your  "good 

3. The Skepticism Objection

Your prospects bought  things in the past that didn't 
produce the promised results. That makes them  skeptical of 
your promises. Some of the ways you can overcome their  
skepticism include:

* Eliminate any risk of loss. Guarantee your  customer's 
satisfaction. Offer to refund your customer's money if they  
don't get the results they expect.

* Prove your history of delivering  what you promise. Provide 
testimonials from satisfied customers as evidence  you've 
lived up to your promises in the past.

* Make yourself  available - personally or by phone. This is 
especially effective for  Internet Marketers. Prospective 
customers feel more secure when they can  talk with a real 

Neutralize all 3 of these unspoken  objections before you 
ask your prospects to buy. Do it in your web pages,  your 
sales letters, your personal presentations - every message 
designed  to generate sales. You'll see an immediate 
increase in your sales  volume.

Bob  Leduc  spent 20 years helping businesses like yours find 
new customers and increase  sales. He just released a New 
Edition of his manual, How To Build Your Small  Business Fast 
With Simple Postcards ...and launched *BizTips from Bob*, a  
newsletter to help small businesses grow and prosper. You'll 
find his  low-cost marketing methods at: 
or call: 702-658-1707  After 10 AM Pacific Time/Las Vegas, NV

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