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Title: Top Ten Ways of Why and How to Write your Book's Sales Letter - Part 2
Author: Judy Cullins
Copyright 2005.  All Rights Reserved.

Bio: Judy Cullins, 20-year Book and Internet Marketing Coach works with small 
business people who want to make a difference in people's lives, build their 
credibility and clients, and make a consistent life-long income. Author of 10 
eBooks including "Write your eBook Fast," "How to Market your Business on the 
Internet," and "Create your Web Site With Marketing Pizzazz," she offers free 
help through her 2 monthly ezines, The Book Coach Says...and Business Tip of 
the Month at and over 160 free 
articles. Email her at mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 

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Category: Online Marketing / Web Marketing

Description: Authors/publishers are great at getting their books written. But 
after the initial one-year honeymoon, sales slow down. Write a short sales 
letter for each book using these ten steps.

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Judy Cullins, M.A.

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Top Ten Ways of Why and How to Write your Book's Sales Letter - Part 2
Judy Cullins Â2005 All Rights Reserved.

Authors/publishers are great at getting their books written. But after the 
initial one-year honeymoon, sales slow down. To counter this make sure your 
print or ebook will keep on selling from the first day, the first year, even 
life. Count on this being a two to three- year project to become well known. 

Write a short sales letter for each book.

Whether you have a web site or not, you can write a first class, must-buy-now 
sales letter.  Since you are making your book a business write a sales letter 
for each teleclass and service as well.  I even write one for my bookcoaching 

What Every Sales Letter Needs to Pull Orders and Profits

You can write each sales letter in less than four hours the first time. As 
you practice, you can an excellent one in two hours.

For part one of this article email [EMAIL PROTECTED]

5.  Sprinkle Testimonials Throughout your Sales Letter.

Potential buyers who visit your site are pulled to buy when they think other 
people have already bought and liked your book. If other people are happy with 
your product or service, they will be too.

Include testimonials from experts in your field, celebrities, man/woman on 
the street, and other people who have profited from your bookâs advice. Learn 
how to approach influential contacts through email friendly notes and requests. 
To save these busy people time.(they want to help, but consider it's time 
consuming to create testimonials) ask them look at your list of 5-10 benefit 
phrases, and a page of your table of contents to give youâre a testimonial 
within a 
few weeks. Remember, they donât have to read the whole book to give you a 
testimonial. Donât be shy on this one. Itâs part of the 

Give as you receive. Give that person something of value. Study their web 
site or read their ezine, and send them a short helpful tip, report or joke.

6.  Offer your potential buyers three or four chances to buy.

Are you a skimmer?  Many visitors are too. They may have already decided to 
buy before coming to your sales letter, or after your sparkling headline, book 
cover, and introduction donât want to read more. After the cover, offer a 
"Click Here" or  "Buy Now" near the top of the letter. Offer more buying 
opportunities along the way after a list of benefits, what's in this book 
and testimonials. You may offer by a download eBook by credit card or with a 
toll-free telephone numberâmaybe three or four times. 

7.  Make your Sales Letter Credible.

To boost sales, authors often add free bonus reports related to their book. 
Visitors often want the bonus special report more than the product itself. The 
bonus âHow to Get Testimonials From the Rich and Famousâ I offered with the 
How to Write your eBook or Other Book Fast!â on my web siteâs âDiscounts 
the Month.â Link increased that bookâs sales double in one month. 

Make sure your free bonus reports do not cost more than the price of your 
product. Would you believe this offer "Order this for $49 now and receive 4 
special bonus reports worth $395?"  

8.  Share the downside of your book to create empathy.

For example, "this ebook won't write the book for you, or even get it 
published, but it will show you the steps and resources to write compelling 
finish fully and sell well."

9.  Include your expert credentials

"I spent 6 months researching this book and 3 months writing it. My 
background includes 23 years bookcoaching, presenting 70 writing and marketing 
a year, and 48 published clients since 1999."

10. End your Sales Letter with your 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

When you offer an ironclad guarantee, people see your book as so valuable 
that you put yourself on the line for it. They will be more likely to buy and 
satisfied with their purchase.

"This product comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Read the book cover to 
cover, and if the strategies don't work for you within 60 days, we'll 
cheerfully refund your money, and you can keep the product too!"

Without a book sales letter to guide your potential buyers on your web site, 
you leave them bored, uninspired, without enough information to make that 
decision to buy. Your web site and ezine must entertain, inform, and give 
benefits to convince your readers to order your book.

For all email promotion campaigns, without a sales letter for each product, 
your unique, useful and inspiring information will not get read, people won't 
know you as the expert, and you won't make the sales you want.

Judy Cullins: 20-year author, speaker, book coach
Helps you manifest your book and web dreams
eBk: "How to Write your eBook or Other Short Book Fast!"
To receive FREE "The Book Coach Says..."
or Business Tip of the Month go to
Orders: 866/200-9743  --  Ph:619/466-0622

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