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Title: Top Ten No Money Promotion Ways That Create New Clients and Fast Sales
Author: Judy Cullins
Copyright 2005.  All Rights Reserved.

Bio: Judy Cullins, 20-year Book and Internet Marketing Coach works with small 
business people who want to make a difference in people's lives, build their 
credibility and clients, and make a consistent life-long income. Author of 10 
eBooks including "Write your eBook Fast," "How to Market your Business on the 
Internet," and "Create your Web Site With Marketing Pizzazz," she offers free 
help through her 2 monthly ezines, The Book Coach Says...and Business Tip of 
the Month at and over 165 free 
articles. Email her at mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 

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Category:  Online / Web Promotion

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Description:  The number one way to promote your self and your products is 
through informational how-to articles that you send to hundreds of top Web 
and opt-in ezines (that means no spam, because people subscribe and want your 
information), use these 10 steps.

Words: 1044

Judy Cullins, M.A.

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Top Ten No Money Promotion Ways That Create New Clients and Fast Sales
Judy Cullins Â2004 All Rights Reserved.

Better than offline promotion such as press releases, talks, or networking? 
Better than search engine placement, banner ads, ezines and news groups?

Yes! The number one way to promote your service and your products is through 
informational how-to articles that you send to top Web sites and dozens of no 
spam opt-in ezines.

Content is still King on the Internet. People want your free information. 
That is why they go Online. When they see your useful, unique information, they 
will be more inclined to click the link in your signature file that leads them 
to your Web site where your coaching practice or products are sold. 

Where to Start? 

1. Find an existing article, excerpt from your book, coaching sessions 
stories, or how-to information from your talks. 

You already have a wealth of information to choose from, so this step is the 
easiest one. Once you get going, you can write an article in less than one 

2. Target your article to your Web site buyer or ezine subscriber to attract 
more interest to your service. Think of each article as a mini sales letter. 

Without a specific audience such as entrepreneurs, personal growth seekers, 
or small business people, your article may lose cohesiveness and continuity. 
People lose interest if your article is too general. Your best audience is your 
online business audience because they want and need many kinds of information 
and services. The best part?  No competition because the Net is still 
underused as a promotional tool.

3. Write a new introduction for each article.

An introduction leads to what you are selling--the valuable information you 
want to share. Your first line must hook your audience. Ask a question about 
its concerns or problems. Think what questions need answers. Lead your audience 
into the how-to's by writing a headline following the introduction, something 
like: Use These Five Ways to Boost your Ezine Subscribers. 

4. Write what the opt-in ezines and top web sites want.

Most opt-in ezines and Web sites publish articles from 500-1000 words because 
they need new, fresh content almost daily.  They need you to submit your 
articles in 65 characters per line. A good program for this is, 
which automatically formats your articles to these specs. Make your articles 
useful, original, and written in a conversational way with how-to steps.

Don't worry about giving away too much. These articles put you in an advanced 
category of dedicated professionals that attracts new clients regularly.

5. Write for your audience.

Your online audience will be primarily other business people. They want and 
need your information. They will post it on their ezines and on their sites. 
Some people like conversational articles. Others want short and sweet, so they 
can get what they want fast! They like headings so they get the main points 
fast. They like tips, how to's, interviews, and question and answer formats. 

After you write with one focus, change it slightly. Reinvent a new angle. 
Write for a different audience. I submit the same information about writing and 
publishing eBooks to authors, speakers, coaches, and entrepreneurs who 
subscribe to the multitude of ezines available. 

6. Give the background of the problem.

You need to reach your audience where they are. Point out their challenge. 
Perhaps it is procrastination. What are its consequences?  Include those. Write 
how many suffer from this malady too. Include your audience so that they will 
read on. Next meet them where they want to be--their problems solved. That's 
where you give your list or how to's. This is the formula put forth in the 
book, "How to Market your Business Online."

7. Write the benefits of your information.

If you don't give your reader a "reason to buy" in your article's title, 
headlines, or how to's, they won't go to your signature box and link back to 
your products or services are offered.  

For instance, the one main benefit to writing online articles is to quadruple 
sales within four months. Other benefits include raising your credibility, 
gaining subscriber and audience trust, and becoming a household name, so your 
unique, useful message can reach many more people. 

8. Maximize the promotion power of each article you write. In less than an 
hour, your can revise one article to meet the needs of different audiences. 
Angle one topic like procrastination to business people, at home women, 
or personal growth.
Include specific benefits for each audience. Put the benefit into a picture 
or feeling. 

Like giving your book a specific angle these ideas can attract many new 
potential clients to your site. You'll only need to write a new introduction 
conclusion to fulfill your endless creativity. 

9. Give each article an introduction and conclusion.

Of course, create these in just a few sentences, because Online readers want 
shorter sentences, say under 15 words; shorter paragraphs, say under five 
sentences, and shorter length than articles for print media, say under 1000 

The best introduction can be a shocking, or benefit-driven sentence such as, â
Stop Throwing Promotion Time and Money Down the Drain." 

Your introduction hooks; your conclusion can sum up main points, or add 
another reason why your information will benefit your audience. You may want to 
include a consequence of not acting on your suggestions, too.

10. Finish your article with a signature box at the end that pulls people to 
your site for more information. 

A weak signature file kills sales and contacts. Make sure your email address 
reflects your business name. Forget selling here. Instead offer free ezines, 
free reports and a link to where you want your visitor to go. 

Did I say include benefits? Yes! Use a concept phrase like 20-year coach 
helps manifest your online promotion dream. Include a local and toll-free phone 
number, email, and Web address.

Yes, it takes a little of your time, but these articles do make a difference 
in attracting your target audience to know and want you. They made your coach 
number one in Google with the sales to follow--and in a short time of eight 
Judy Cullins: 20-year author, speaker, book coach
Helps you manifest your book and web dreams
eBk: "Create your Web Site with Marketing Pizzazz"
FRE.E "The Book Coach Says..." or Business Tip of the Month -- mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
Orders: 866/200-9743 -- Ph: 619/466-0622

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