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A Vacuum that Wonât Break, For Less!
By Monica Resinger

If you are having troubles with vacuum cleaners breaking, why not get a Shop 
Vac?  They are made to vacuum up nuts and bolts, so how could you possibly 
break it?  The best part is that, the last time I checked they were only $35 - 
$40 (this was a few years ago, but they shouldnât be much more now)!  

I used to purchase regular upright vacuum cleaners and found that a penny or 
pebble would break them. In fact, I went through 2 of these type of vacuums in 
one year until I listened to my neighborâs advice of getting a Shop Vac.

I have the 2.25 peak horsepower Shop Vac and it is very powerful and does a 
better job than the vacuum cleaners I owned in the past.  It will also vacuum 
wet stuff but I have never used it for that.  

Another money- and frustration-saving benefit is that they donât take bags!  
All the stuff goes into the canister and when it gets full (or preferably 
before), you just dump it like a trash can.  It does have filters that can be 
replaced but I have never had to replace mine; I only clean them.  

Mine has a handle on top to carry it around easily and it also has an 
attachment holder.

I'm 5' 9" and I had to stoop a little with the attachments that came with it. 
 I had an extra tube extender which brought it to a good height for me.  The 
extra attachments (including the tube-extender) are sold separately for around 
$15 - $20.  

The cord on mine is short so I have it plugged into a heavy-duty, 3-pronged 
extension cord so I can move it easily throughout the house.  

I highly recommend Shop Vacs.  They are so inexpensive (even if you have to 
buy an extension cord and extra attachments) and are so tough that you really 
can't go wrong.  

About the Author:  Monica Resinger is the creator of 'Homemaker's Journal 
E-Publications' where you will find many fun and informative home and garden 
related e-books, tip sheets and how to sign up for her FREE home and garden 
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