Title: 12 Tips For A Successful Affiliate Program

Author: Ken Hill

Copyright: 2005 Ken Hill

Words: 560

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12 Tips For A Successful Affiliate Program
by Ken Hill

1. Look around at other competing businesses that offer 
affiliate programs, and think of ways that you can make your
affiliate program more attractive.

2. Pay your affiliates well for their efforts.

If you're thinking about offering a 10% commission for sales
of your product and a competing business is paying a 50% 
commission for referrals, you'll lose affiliates to your 

3. Make your affiliate program more lucrative by offering 
residual commissions. 

This is an excellent choice if you offer a product that is 
paid for on a residual basis such as webhosting or access to 
your membership site.

4. Offer lifetime commissions.

Your affiliates will see the power of lifetime commissions, 
and work hard to promote your business and send you more 

5. Make your affiliate program two-tier.

Reward your affiliates by giving them a commission on the
sales of people they refer to your affiliate program.

6. Don't leave your affiliates out in the cold.

Provide your affiliates with lots of sales items that they 
can use to successfully promote your products. 

Some items you could offer your affiliates:

- e-zine ads (sponsor ads, classified ads, 2 liners)
- signature file ads
- sales letters/solo ads
- brandable ebooks
- sample recommendations
- email courses
- your articles that they can reprint with their affiliate 
URLs in your resource box.

7. Be quick to respond to your affiliates' emails.

An easy way to lose your affiliates is to not respond to
their questions in a timely manner, or to not respond to 
their e-mails at all. 

It shows that you don't value them, and since their are tons 
of other affiliate programs, you would be losing potentially 
very good affiliates to other businesses.

8. Provide your own tips and advice.

Follow up with your affiliates with tips and strategies that
they can use to increase their commissions.

9. Reward your top affiliates with higher commissions and 

You'll be able to achieve more sales over the long term 
because your top affiliates won't jump to another affiliate 
program where their efforts are more appreciated.

10. Publish an affiliate's newsletter.

Your affiliate's newsletter will help you to share your tips 
with your affiliates, and keep them going in the right

You could also use your newsletter to keep your top 
affiliates excited about your program. 

Some effective ways to do this are:

- Share what your top affiliates do to earn big commission 
- Showcase their sites and tell why their sites sell. 
- List your 5 or 10 highest earning affiliates for the 

11. Track your affiliates' sales accurately.

Your affiliates will find out if they send you customers and
you don't credit them with their commissions. 

Your affiliate program will lose credibility and you'll end 
up losing your affiliates as word gets around.

12. Participate in affiliate marketing forums.

Share your valuable advice and expertise with the members of 
the forums you participate in. 

Include your signature file that promotes your affiliate 
program, and always follow the rules of the forums you join.

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