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How to Make an Easter Bunny Cake
by Monica Resinger

The Easter bunny cakes that you can buy from the bakeries in grocery stores 
can be quite expensive; by making your own, you'll save money.  Here's how. 

You'll need:

any flavor cake mix
a round cake pan
white frosting (purchased or homemade)
stiff construction paper in white, black and pink

Easter grass
shredded coconut 

Directions: Prepare the cake mix according to package directions and bake it 
in the round cake pan. Most cake mixes make enough batter for two round cake 
pans; therefore you can make two bunny cakes or make cupcakes with the rest of 
the batter if you only want to make one bunny cake. After the cake has cooled, 
remove it from the pan and cut the circle in half. With white frosting, frost 
the bottom of one of the halves generously, then stand the two halves up on 
their cut side on a plate or cake stand and push the two bottoms together so 
the frosting is in the middle holding them together. Now frost the whole thing. 
It should look like a half circle standing on a plate; this is the body of 
the bunny. 

For the eyes, cut two round circles out of white construction paper, then two 
smaller circles out of black construction paper and glue each black circle 
onto a white circle. Stick the eyes onto the frosting on the front of the bunny 
body (one of the narrow ends). 

For the ears, cut bunny ear shapes, in proportion with the body, out of white 
construction paper. Cut smaller bunny ear shapes out of the pink construction 
paper and glue them onto the white ones to make the center of the ear. When 
glue has dried, insert the bottom of the ears into the frosting about an inch 
above the eyes. 

For further decoration, lay Easter grass around the cake, place jellybeans on 
top of the grass and put coconut on the frosting of the cake as bunny hair. 
This cake makes a nice centerpiece for your table. Use it with a vase of in 
season flowers and there you have it. 

About the Author:  Monica Resinger is the creator of 'Homemaker's Journal 
E-Publications' where you will find many fun and informative home and garden 
related e-books, tip sheets and how to sign up for her FREE home and garden 
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