Title: 10 Sizzling Ways To Get More New E-zine Subscribers

Author: Ken Hill

Copyright: 2005 Ken Hill

Words: 389

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10 Sizzling Ways To Get More New E-zine Subscribers
by Ken Hill
1. Swap an e-zine ad.

A super way to get more new subscribers is to trade ads.

For best results, use ads you've already tested, and track 
your swaps so that you won't be in the dark about which 
e-zines bring you in the best results.
2. Use your "thank you" page to swap a recommendation.

You'll be able to get more new readers by promoting your
e-zine to a targeted audience.
3. Keep an archive of your past issues.

Your visitors will be able to see the quality of your 
e-zine, leading to more new subscriptions.
4. Make a sample issue available on your site or by

Make sure your sample issue is current. You don't want your 
visitors to read or receive an issue that is one or two 
years old.
5. Write articles.
Your articles will help you to successfully increase your 
subscriptions and strengthen your reputation as an expert in 
your field.
6. Offer a bonus.

You could offer an ebook that is compilation of resources, 
or you could give your new subscriber a free report along 
with her subscription. 
7. Promote your e-zine offline.

You could advertise your e-zine on the back of your business
cards or in your brochures. 

You could also plug your e-zine when shipping your product 
to your customers. 

Just include a quick promo for your e-zine along with your 
special offers or reordering information.
8. Promote your e-zine on every page of your site.

Make it really easy for your visitors to know about and sign 
up for your e-zine by including your subscription box on all 
your web pages.
9. Post testimonials for your e-zine on your site.

You'll make your e-zine more credible in your visitors' eyes 
by sharing your readers' glowing comments.
10. Plug your e-zine in your signature file.

You'll be able to successfully get people that e-mail you
with their questions to subscribe to your e-zine.

You'll also be able to gain more new subscribers when you
participate in forums and discussion lists that reach your 
target market.

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