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Title: Fear~ We Do Have Choices
Author: Fran Hafey/Mysti, Spiritual Counselor, Healer and 
Visionary Writer
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Copyright: Mystickblue (c) 2005 All rights reserved.
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Fear~ We Do Have Choices
By Fran Hafey/Mysti

I decided to do some of my work on my laptop in the living room 
today, where the television is. While I was answering e-mail and 
deleting this and that the sun was shining, birds were singing 
and the hay fever that had been bothering me was better.

I was delighted to get some things done that had been calling to 
me for a long time... definitely Spring cleaning chores. My 
husband and I tackled the air purifiers, birdcages and dusting.

After a long, hardworking day, I settled in to take a break and 
noticed the television was on. Not an uncommon thing really, but 
one I don't care for, especially when my husband decides to watch 
programs that I feel are negative.  He's more aware now of what 
he used to watch and that's a good thing.

I once again, began working on my computer as he continued his 
television marathon. I noticed the movies that were on, back to 
back were promoting fear. They were about earthquakes and 
disasters, even the commercials were telling about more programs 
that put fear in people and to me seem to be taking over the 
television screen some days, especially the weekends. I don't 
watch much television... like the news, but I do like to stay 
informed. I read the paper, where I can have even more control 
over what I read and put into my mind and subconscious. I choose, 
when I do watch tv, it's something that I knew about ahead of 
time and planned for it.

I do believe we all have choices in lessoning the fear we allow 
to affect us in our lives. I understand people live in different 
places, settings and lifestyles and some may feel they don't 
really have much control over the fear around them. Note, I said 
around them. There may be fear around me but it's my choice if I 
allow it to enter within me.

Remember this... if something comes on television and you sense 
it's negative... note what you feel from it. Does it make you 
feel uncomfortable, sad, angry or disgusted? There is a 
difference in feeling sad over something that is meant to touch 
your heart and sadness over someone showing disregard and 
disrespect for life and others. Does the program have violence 
and bad language? I'm not saying a little bit of bad language, 
but language that's being used in a harsh manner or to berate and 
hurt someone else? Does it contain violent actions such as rape, 
murder or harm to another living thing? I personally will watch 
programs that are mysteries, scientific and show how a crime was 
committed so we as the audience can help figure it out as we go 
along. Most don't spend a lot of time on that scene, just enough 
to show us how the crime was committed. I think it's more like 
educating us or showing us how something was done and how they 
know this. I also like educational, inspiring, humorous and 
enlightening programs and even the new trend of shows that are 
revealing Spiritual subtleness in our everyday lives and psychic 
abilities, paranormal, angels and more.

We all have negative things to deal with, not everything in life 
is sweetness and roses. We have responsibilities and everyday 
decisions to make and some are not so nice, but we can choose how 
we want to deal with fear. Fear and chaos is just what some want. 
They feel it will keep people off balance, unaware, afraid, 
unable to cope and not wanting to know the truth. What is the 
truth? Our Spiritual truths may all be different, just as 
different and unique as each of us are, but the truth about our 
lives are that we've been fed lies and fear for so long we've 
forgotten what it means to really be free and to live our lives 
in harmony.

The smaller things we do in our lives do make a difference. 
Choosing what we watch on television is one thing, choosing the 
people we associate with, is another. What we think, hear and 
speak is very important. The energy that we put out... comes back 
to us. When we treat others the way we want to be treated, then 
we receive positive energy back, in turn. Some folks may be in a 
space where they feel they just keep getting negative stuff at 
them all the time, but all things take time and in all things, 
there is a plan. Believing is one of the first steps to healing 
and letting go of fear. Believing... faith... positive 
intentions... all make a huge difference in our world and since 
we're all connected... let's begin with helping each other create 
a better world by sharing positive thoughts, positive speech and 
positive actions... even in the small things, big things can be 

Copyright: Mystickblue (c) April 18,2005 All rights reserved.

About the Author

Fran Hafey is a Spiritual Counselor, Healer, Visionary Writer, 
Earth and Animal Activist and Teacher, living in the mountains of 
Virginia with her husband, dogs and birds. She provides guidance, 
inspiration and love via her Website, groups and newsletter on 
the World Wide Web. She's currently working on publishing her own 
books about love, inspiration, magic and nature stories for 
Children of all ages.  Where we believe 
in Miracles and Magic~ Everyday of the year!! 


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