Title: Choosing Innocence
Author: Keith Varnum
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Choosing Innocence
by Keith Varnum

Out beyond the ideas of right and wrong,
there is a field --
meet me there.

- Rumi

Once in a while, I receive wisdom on the human condition from a
specific aspect of nature. These direct transmissions have
consistently helped me weather the changing tides of fortune and
emotion in my life.

It was a crystalline winter afternoon. I was walking with my
friend Ted through the snow seeking solace from the fatigue and
despair we were feeling about the seemingly endless stream of
challenges in our personal lives. Our walk ended with us lying on
the snow in the center of a stand of young, bare birch trees. The
sun was blinding, but soothingly balmy as it reflected off the
stark white, tender bark of the saplings. The welcomed warmth
eased us into a relaxed, receptive state. We asked the spirit of
the slender fledglings for comfort and guidance to meet the
hurdles placed before us.

The unaffected, fresh energy of the virgin trees shared a message
about innocence:

"If you return to a state of innocence, your life will be much
easier. The majority of humans are born with natural innocence,
openness and trust. For a few years you enjoy a period of grace
during which life is simple, direct and pure. Later, as you gain
experience in life, you encounter dishonesty, abuse and betrayal.
You become wary, jaded and disheartened. But at one point in
every human life, an opportunity to return to innocence is

"If you should choose to re-enter the state of innocence
consciously from free will, this openness can never be lost or
taken away -- as was natural innocence. When chosen innocence is
fully embraced, you are free of judgment, expectation, all
conditioned beliefs and restrictions of the past. You have no
limits whatsoever. Living in chosen innocence allows you to enjoy
your real self, your true power and the only genuine reality --
the present moment. The present moment is the space of magic,
miracles, transformation and total supply. It is the path to
enlightenment and peace."

Ted and I didn't believe the birch trees. On that emotionally
woeful day, we couldn't imagine ever feeling good about life
again, let alone being able to enter into a permanent state of
innocence, openness and joy.

Some years later, I experienced a moment of striking clarity
during which I remembered the tender message of the young
birches. I realized I possessed the desire and the power within
me to choose freedom from preconception and evaluation regarding
every aspect of life. I reached a level of spiritual growth in
which I was able to comprehend the great advantage in approaching
each day -- each encounter, each moment -- with freshness,
newness and innocence.

On that day, I chose to be innocent again and live in the gift of
the present. And as the young saplings promised, I've never lost
that quality, that space, that grace.

Copyright  2005 Keith Varnum

About Keith: Keith Varnum shares his practical approach to
transformation as an author, radio host and "Dream Workshops"
facilitator. Keith helps people get love, money, health and
spirit with his free Prosperity Ezine, free Empowerment CD and
free Coaching at www.TheDream.com.


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