Title: Phantom of the Opera -- A Comparison of the Play and the Movie
Authors: Debbie Overstreet and Susan Daniel
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Phantom of the Opera -- A Comparison of the Play and the Movie
by Debbie Overstreet and Susan Daniel

The Broadway production of The Phantom of the Opera has always
been a favorite of mine. I have had the opportunity to see the
play twice while vacationing in New York, and I've also seen the
production that came to my hometown. All of the performances were
excellent. Because of my love for the play, I was a little
hesitant about the release of the movie version of Phantom of the

I consider myself a big Phantom Phan, and my daughter is an out
right Phantom Phanatic. So when the movie version was showng in
limited release in December of 2004, she and I were one of the
first in line to see it. We both had read the reviews and were
prepared to totally dislike the movie version. However, we both
walked away captivated by the Phantom all over again. The movie
is very close to the original production, and the few differences
enhance rather than take away from the overall story.

Through out the movie, Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical genius
simply shines. There are outstanding performances by Gerald
Butler as the Phantom and Emmy Rossum as Christine. I think it
would have been wonderful if Michael Crawford had played the
Phantom, after all, he IS the Phantom, but that is a discussion
for another day. My favorite scene has always been the masquerade
ball, and the movie did not let me down. Actually, this scene was
more compelling in the movie than in the play, but of course,
only so much can be done on stage.

If you did not have a chance to see the movie when it was
released for a limited time or if you are like me and have to add
it to your Phantom collection, the release date for the movie is
Tuesday, May 3rd. I will also be purchasing the movie soundtrack
even though I already have the original cast recording from the
Broadway production. If you are a true Phantom Phan, you will want
to add both of these items to your Phantom collection. Feel free
to contact me if you need help finding these items.

Copyright  2005 Susan Daniel and Debbie Overstreet

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