Title: Speak and Sell...Starting in Your Hometown
Author: Jodi Jill
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Speak and Sell...Starting in Your Hometown
by Jodi Jill

Every day I speak to local groups. Sometimes 2 or 3 times a day.
Even on weekends. At every talk I sell a product...my book...to
over HALF the audience. Plus I get referral sales on my website.
You can too.

Over two years ago I had 10,000 books to peddle immediately. I
would be at bookstore signings, smile and beg people to buy the
book. Well, suffice to say bookstores are tough venues, but
reality was I would sell one or two books and come home crushed
that I didnít sell enough. So I did some research and discovered
I had it all wrong.

I found out that 42% of the population doesnít visit a bookstore.
Upon more research I found that 60% of the population prefers to
purchase something that has a friend or family recommendation.
Frustrated and annoyed, I started speaking for free at groups in
my community. Originally it was just to get some feedback.
Stunned, I found that the majority of the local groups didnít
have many good speakers. They were welcoming with open arms and
delighted I took the time. Even so I was completely shocked as I
started to sell books to the group members.

Two years later, my book has been reprinted twice, my publisher
loves me because he made more money than selling the books
through the stores and the books became a popular series. Far
from a beginning of a no name author, I now have people calling
me to talk at their group instead of the other way around. And I
have a pulse on the market as I see my audience every day.

Want to speak and sell? You can and here are some pointers to get

1. Offer yourself as just a member of the community with some
good information. Be humble and be informed. Once they know you
are local they will listen.

2. Donít pitch your product. Come to share information verbally
about the subject. You would be amazed how many people canít
remember things and that means you have a pending sale.

3. Ask every group in town. Make your talk basic with a twist on
the audience you are addressing. How many concerts have you gone
to where the artist says the name of the town and the fans go
crazy? Well, do the same, but name the group.

4. Donít talk too long. An average talk is 20 to 30 minutes.
Instead of taking the entire time, take 3/4. Leave the audience
wanting more (so they will be interested in your product.)

5. Introduce yourself to everyone before the presentation begins.
Say hi, smile and be delighted to be there. The more people who
know your name the better the chance of a sale.

6. Bring your products, but do it quietly. I have a small black
doctors bag. Never show the products before the talk and always
end by commenting on how proud you are about the product. Of
course, pass around one and make sure everyone touches it.

It doesnít matter if you are selling a book or a banana, local
groups are a great way to sell your product at most of the time
it is at full retail price. Realistically, I sell 200-400 books
a week and you can too. Just warm up that voice and go!

Copyright © 2005 Jodi Jill

About Jodi: Jodi Jill is the author of the ebook, Speak and Sell
Locally, a step-by-step guide for those looking to achieve high
sales locally. You can find out more about her ebook at
http://www.jodijill.com/ebook_001.htm. Her book series ĎTours For
Freeí are popular guides sharing where families can go on tours
at no charge. More info about her books visit


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