Title: Why Your Business Should Consider SMS!
Author: Fahed Bizzari
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Why Your Business Should Consider SMS!
by Fahed Bizzari

As an organisation, the use of SMS might seem too innovative or

So why are "forward-thinking" organisations throughout the world
welcoming SMS open-heartedly. Whatís so good about SMS?

SMS is popular and well-established

To begin with, SMS is extremely popular; each day billions of
text-messages fly from phone to phone. Over here in the UK, for
example, we send each other over 83 million messages each day.

These facts show that SMS is no longer something new. It's a
well-established method of communication, not just an extra
function on a mobile phone.

Anytime / Anywhere

The most important aspect of SMS is its unique ability to reach
anyone, anytime, anywhere and because there are no barriers
in-between the sender and the receiver, every message is almost
definitely read.

SMS is a great friendship-marketing tool

As SMS is a personal method of communication, organisations use
features like message personalisation to communicate with their
clients & staff in a friendly manner, making each recipient feel
as if their messages were individually written and sent to them

SMS is reliable

Furthermore, messages sent through reliable gateways are usually
delivered within seconds and provide real-time delivery reports.

Now I say 'reliable', because it is possible to route messages
through offshore networks on the other side of the world and
whilst their prices might be low, so is their reliability.

The Economics Make Sense

SMS is *the most cost-effective method of communication* and its
financial benefits are numerous. Imagine how much time you need
to contact 1,000 people by post and how much it would cost. In
the UK, this would be

- paper... letís say 1p per piece
- envelopes... letís say 2p per piece
- stamps... these are at least 30p each
- time... a lot!

Well SMS can do all of that in less than 5 minutes in a tiny
fraction of the cost.

And donít forget, if your organisation uses a database, website or
a specialised piece of software, they can easily be SMS-enabled to
trigger messages on particular events allowing you to take
advantage of SMS without doing anything yourself.

Got the message yet?

Having read this, you would have begun to understand that the only
reason many organisations havenít begun to use SMS is a fear of
trying something new.

And if you havenít got the message yet, then visit sites like
bestkeptsimple.org or textually.org and read about how
organisations like yours are benefiting through SMS.

Copyright © 2005 Fahed Bizzari

About Fahed: Fahed Bizzari is an expert in text-messaging for
business use. He graduated with a first class honours in
Strategic Marketing and applied his knowledge, at the young age
of 23, into the development of http://www.tm4b.com, the only
*market-orientated* SMS Gateway.


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