Article:  Mindlessness
Author: Myriam Maytorena, M.Ed.
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When we focus on the mindless it opens up our mind to possibilities

A mind unchanged becomes very dirty
The glasgowgoddess

There is nothing that limits our possibilities like the prattle that 
goes on in our minds about nothing, except worry.

Worry, ruminating, keeps us in a state of fear and accomplishes 
nothing but to decrease our options as to how to handle an issue.

We have often heard the words: Let go and let God!  That sounds like 
a great idea and it probably works but how do we get to that point.

How do we stop our minds?  How do we keep our focus off the problem 
and on the solution?  Often, we get so caught into thinking about 
possibilities that we miss a great answer.

To let our deep mind work, we need to focus our monkey mind on 
mindless activities.
The goal of meditation is simply to be at one with self and the 
world/universe. We need to have the mind be simply still so that we 
are relaxed, distressed, and rested in body, mind and spirit.

Some people just can't get meditation. They try all the relaxation 
techniques, all the visualization techniques, twist into yoga poses, 
and sit with legs crossed like a guru, but still the mind is full and 
thoughts run through like a monkey playing in a banana tree.
All this mind activity keeps us in a box. And to come up with new 
possibilities you have to let that monkey jump out of the box and do 
some mindless games.

Here is a list to get you started.

Play Games 

       I go to and I play bookworm. My mind cannot do 
anything else but concentrate on the game when I am playing. It helps 
my writing and I call it cross training. You would be amazed how it 
improves access to my vocabulary when I am writing. I also play 
Tumblebees and Word Whomp. My husband prefers games that focus on eye-
body coordination. Any of these computer games will help you get to a 
mindless state and help you relax and let your deep mind work. I can 
tell you that solitaire helped me many a day when I was caring for 
mother and totally stressed out.
       If you have children, there is no better mindless activity 
then throwing a ball, building with blocks, and so forth.
       Memory games are great. Many of the things we did in school 
are mindless activities. Learning the alphabet, memorizing numbers 
and actions  I still can't multiply past 7 times something without a 
calculator -- counting backwards by 10s, doubling a number until you 
can't do it again. I will share a secret. When my right nose is 
stopped up I double numbers till I cannot go any further and it 
clears up my right nose. Memory games are left brain and thus 
activate the right side of the body and help bring balance back.

Some mindless spots on the internet for games:


Fantasy is the ultimate mindless activity. Children do it all the 
time and one of the ways we teach our children to become mindful is 
to teach them the difference between dreams and reality. WOW!  I 
can't believe I just said that. In becoming possibility people we are 
learning to unlearn this injustice that was done to us in our 
childhood where dreams and magic became a no-no in order to survive 
in the consensus reality. So if you choose to be a possibility person 
(like you weren't born that way!). it is necessary to become child-
like in your approach to the world and your reality.

Imagination is the key to using fantasy. However, training one to 
have positive fantasies is the most important part of this mindless 

Some positive fantasies

       Imagine that you are the wealthiest person in the world. 
Pretend that you can afford anything in the world without the least 
worry about cost.
       Imagine that you receive an inheritance of $100,000 and you 
have to spend every last dime before next month or you will lose it 
       Imagine that you have been selected for a major award. Give 
your acceptance speech and state why you so appreciate and deserve 
this award.
       Imagine that you and your lover are on a beautiful island. 
Let your imagination go wild until you are filled with passion.
       Imagine that your grandchildren have grown up and they come 
to share with you their stories. Let your joy fill your heart as you 
hear all kinds of wonderful and positive revelations.
       Imagine that you are sitting down to have a conversation with 
your favorite deity. Let him or her explain to you the meaning of 
life. Or, explain to him or her about your mission in life and how 
happy you are to be able to do this. In fact, conversations with gods 
are great for the soul and the mind.

Fantasy and imagination are one of the keys to changing our 
perceptions and realities. There is no better use of mindlessness 
than in the fantasy world, if you bring your feelings obtained in 
fantasy and apply them to your life in a positive way.

Moving Mindlessness
There is only one way that movement or activity becomes mindless 
behavior in a positive way is if you only concentrate on the 
activity. Total concentration on what one is doing is the best way to 
get out of the monkey mind.

       Do the dishes. When you do the dishes think only about how 
clean they are becoming. Notice any spots or streaks. Don't do the 
dishes and think about other things or you are just wasting your 
time. Put them in the dishwasher or change to paper plates.
       Clean the house. When you clean the house use total 
concentration on the task at hand. Watch the pattern that vacuum 
makes as you pass it over the carpet. Become obsessed with the 
streaks on the window. If you only concentrate on the job at hand 
rather than letting your mind wander, you will reduce stress and 
anxiety, and you will have a much cleaner house. Of course, one of 
the reasons to use this in fostering mindlessness is that a study was 
done where it was demonstrated that the only way a person could be 
totally content and happy being a housekeeper was to have an IQ of 66 
or less. 
       Learn to play a musical instrument. Concentration of learning 
the skills needed by practice will give you hours of mindless 
activity and you will develop a great deal of pleasure as you become 
more adept. Practice must always be focus. This applies to any skill 
development from sports to dance to knitting. The only way these 
activities will work is if you are totally focused when you do them.
       Surf the internet randomly and see where fate takes you. When 
you go to there are two buttons. Type in a keyword 
and choose the button that says: I am feeling lucky. One of two 
things will happen you will be amused at what shows up or you might 
find the answer to your question. When I typed mindlessness into and pushed the button I came up with and read a fascinating 
article about how the brain works in either a mindful or mindless 
state.  I had to force myself to come back to the task at hand 
because I was so caught up in my little experiment.

Creating ways to still your mind is your greatest skill development 
to become a fully functioning Possibility Person. 

Become a Box Jumper

My last husband, Lee Jacobs, who has passed over was a magician. He 
taught me a great deal about misdirection and how to give the 
appearance of real magic  he was a conjuror of great tricks. He 
taught me about how assistants would appear and disappear. The 
criteria to become a box jumper included attractiveness, able to 
divert attention with flourishes and moves, and to be very, very 
short. Why short so they could fit into a box built into the bottom 
of a magic effect. This includes such tricks as sawing a woman in 
half or disappearing from a cage and so forth. I can't tell you 
anymore because I was sworn to secrecy. However, the issue is the 
magic could never have been done unless a woman or a tiger can move 
undetected from one perceived reality to another.
When you jump out of your mind of logic into the mind of magic and 
creative development, your possibilities will expand. Another way to 
think of it is, you are coloring outside the lines.
When you go into a state of mindlessness and allow your deep mind to 
work you will have those moments of epiphany. Out of the blue, ideas 
will come to you that will help you solve an issue or expand your 
awareness of who you are and what are your possibilities.

I am out of my mind, watch where you step.

        There is no greater healing state of mindlessness than 
laughter. Deep down to the belly have no reservations, laughing is 
the great healer. Humor does not require thinking it requires 
responding to the really dichotomies of life. The nonsensical often 
leads us to the profound. This is where the monkey mind becomes a 
help rather than a hindrance. Monkeys like to be amused for hours and 
hours. Let your monkey mind be amused by jokes, funny movies, silly 
stories, the antics of your co-workers, all in life that just is too 
weird to be real. Learn to laugh and you will learn that there is 
nothing so serious that time will not change your situation. You have 
heard the saying "dead serious", well you need to get out of the 
serious and lighten up into living seriously as if this were the only 
moment you have. It is.

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