Title: EBay Freak Shares His Highly Successful Silent Sales Machine Technique 
for Making Serious Money on EBay
Author: Terry Mansfield
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EBay Freak Shares His Highly Successful Silent Sales Machine
Technique for Making Serious Money on EBay
by Terry Mansfield

Jim Cockrum is a self-professed "eBay freak" whose eBook 'The
Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay' became a top seller on the
Internet in less than six months. And Jim wasn't surprised one
bit by this. Why was he so sure his eBook would do so well?
Because, he says, 'The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay' is
"full of original, useful, and POWERFUL ideas for anyone trying
to make money on the Internet." Ideas that have made him an awful
lot of money on eBay since 1997. Ideas he "learned from many eBay
gurus and creative thinkers," and has put to good and very
profitable use. Ideas he now wants to share with the rest of us
to help us achieve a similar level of success.

Jim emphasizes that the potential for marketing and selling via
eBay is truly mind boggling, with the number of eBay users having
now reached over 100 million and growing larger every day. And by
using his Silent Sales Machine technique, the rest of us can make
the same kind of serious money on eBay and on the Internet that
he's been able to, because "a Silent Sales Machine is a thing of
beauty" and "there are unlimited ways to set one up using eBay as
the fuel." Through his eBook, Jim is revealing his highly
successful method for making lots of money on eBay, so we too can
share in the $14 billion dollar eBay pie.

Without a doubt, Jim Cockrum makes some pretty bold claims, but
he backs them up with some very impressive PayPal account
earnings listings, and says that during a recent two-day period,
virtually "every product I sold to these HAPPY eBay customers was
free to me (100% profit), cost nothing to ship, and is available
in unlimited supply." He asserts that his book "shows you how to
do the same thing." And he wants you to know that he did NOT use
drop-shipping to achieve his stellar sales results since a
drop-ship method would NOT have resulted in 100% profit, of

It's quite a natural thing to be skeptical about claims made about
Internet success these days. However, in his Silent Sales Machine
technique, Jim Cockrum appears to have hit upon something that
should prove well worth a bit of one's time to explore further, so
as to possibly emulate his very impressive Internet sales track
record and thus make some serious money for ourselves.

If you'd like further information about the eBay success secrets
Jim shares in his eBook 'The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay'
(a 130-page book that is delivered immediately to you via
download), please visit this site:


Copyright  2005 Terry Mansfield

About Terry: Terry Mansfield is Owner/President of First World
Enterprises, providing online customers world-wide with a choice
of high-quality products, services, and business opportunities
since 1999. Visit Firstworld.Biz -- the LinkUp Place at
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