Title: It's All in the Title
Author: Matthew Foster
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It's All in the Title
by Matthew Foster

I receive over 40 articles per day from individuals who would 
like me to republish their article. When I was in law school, I 
was told that when sending in a resume, the average time spent 
reading the resume is 7 seconds, due to the volume of resumes 
received. I have found that to be true with articles as well.

Unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world. You may be 
the most intelligent writer in the world, and have breaking 
information, which, if people actually read it, would benefit 
them and their business.

Problem: most, if not all, publishers of articles don't have the 
time to read the whole article unless they are "captured" within 
7 seconds. So that tells us that, when submitting your articles 
to newsfeed services, publishers, bloggers, and the like, you 
have about 7 seconds to capture their attention (and I personally 
believe that is a liberal amount of time - my experience tells 
me more like two seconds).

Example: An excellent article was written just today, if you 
read the content of it. But the title almost instantly created a 
"deletion response" from me.

Titles must be captivating, yet relevant as well to the content 
of the article. Major mistake would be to post an article with a 
title that has nothing to do with the content - but that is a 
completely different discussion.

In summation, please spend time on an effective title - and that 
will get your article read and spread across the Internet.

Copyright  2005 Matthew Foster

About Matthew: Matthew Foster is the President and CEO of 
ArteWorks Business Class, a company that specializes in online 
marketing, ecommerce and public relations for business. 
Self-educated in HTML and HTML 4.0 certified by the National 
Computer Science Academy, Mr. Foster has been actively involved 
in Internet policy, international banking and ecommerce, website 
design and search engine optimization since 1995. For further 
information, please visit www.arteworks.biz


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