Title: Three Steps to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids
Author: Rudy Silva
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Three Steps to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids
by Rudy Silva

Constipation, Hemorrhoids or Piles, and inactivity go hand in
hand. If you have been constipated for quite a while, chances are
you have hemorrhoids. If you are inactive because you just like
sitting around or are confined to a bed or chair, then you will
have constipation and hemorrhoids.

So if you want to get rid of hemorrhoids, you need to take 3
steps. These three steps can be done at the same time, especially
if you have hemorrhoids that are itchy, painful, and are in need
of attention.

First you need to do something about your hemorrhoids. There are
many different natural remedies for reducing, relieving, and
eliminating hemorrhoids. Since everyone is different in his or
her chemical make-up and nutritional requirements, one remedy
will not work for everyone.

Each of you has to find out what remedy works best for you. Use
the remedy that feels right for you, the remedy where you have
the ingredients, or that one based on the severity of your

Here?s one remedy you can try - Collinsonia Root Powder
Collinsonia is a vegetable, known as "Stone Root" because of it
hardness. It comes in powder and liquid. Stone Root is found in
Canada and in Florida. It has been found quite helpful in aiding

Linda Clark in her book called, Linda Clark?s Handbook of natural
remedies for common ailments, 1976, says this about collinsonia
root. "I have heard people rave enthusiastically about the
results of this remedy, which works quickly." Its benefits come

- Supporting blood vessel contractions and flow

- Reducing irritation and inflammation of veins

- Providing a tonic effect on weaken veins, capillaries, and

- Improving digestion

- Helping to keep mucus membranes healthy

Secondly, you need to do something about becoming regular and to
eliminate mild or chronic constipation. To start with, do these
simple changes in your diet.

- Eat fruits as a snack between meals -- oranges, apples, bananas,
 prunes, grapefruits, mangos, watermelon, grapes, cherries.

- Stop eating bread, flour products, milk, sodas; back off on
 eating a lot of protein.

- Eat a few servings of vegetables during the day -- green
 lettuce, celery, carrots, and so on

- Drink at least 2-3 glasses of water every day or drink more
 water than you normally do.

The third thing you need to do is add some exercise to your daily
routine. It can be any thing as long it is something you like and
you do it regularly -- walking, swimming, or rebounding. Don?t
over exercise; all you need is 10 - 20 minutes per day.

There you have it, the threes step to getting rid of hemorrhoids
-- a hemorrhoid natural remedy, a slight change in your diet, and
10 minutes of daily exercise that you like.

Copyright © 2005 Rudy Silva

About Rudy: Rudy Silva has a Physics degree from the University
of San Jose California and is a Natural Nutritionist. He writes a
newsletter called "Natural-Remedies-ThatWork.com" and he has
written an ebook called "How to Relieve Your Constipation with 77
Natural Remedies." You can get more information on this ebook and
more hemorrhoid remedies at http://www.hemorrhoid-remedies.for--you.info


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