Title: Top Internet Marketing Guru Gives Mini-Site Creator Rave Review
Author: Terry Mansfield
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Top Internet Marketing Guru Gives Mini-Site Creator Rave Review
by Terry Mansfield

Mini-Site Creator -- http://snipurl.com/MiniSiteCreatorInfo -- is
generating a great deal of interest and excitement around the
Internet. Why so? The answer is simple, according to Jim Edwards,
the creator of Mini-Site Creator and one who certainly knows a
thing or two about how to succeed on the Internet based on his
own long and distinguished track record of achievement. Jim says
Mini-Site Creator is of great value and benefit to anyone who is
a current or aspiring Internet marketer and entrepreneur because
it allows you to "stop sweating and struggling to get your
website posted on the Internet" and offers "a quick and easy way
for you to painlessly set up your own moneymaking 'Mini'
Websites... without being a computer geek, buying expensive
software, or paying outrageous fees to a webmaster."

Jim is obviously proud of Mini-Site Creator and wants to
emphasize that it offers many outstanding benefits to you if your
answer to ANY of the following questions is "Yes":

-- Are you constantly thinking up ideas for little web sites you
could set up to make money online?

-- Do you see the MASSIVE opportunity on the Internet?

-- Are you being held back because you lack the skills and
expertise of how to setup an effective money-making web site?

If you did answer "Yes" to ANY of the above questions, then Jim
Edwards wants you to know that Mini-Site Creator is exactly what
you need to quickly and easily create as many "money-making
mini-sites" as you'd like.

But you don't have to just take Jim's word for it. After all, he
might be just a wee bit biased in his opinion of his own product.
So what exactly are others saying? In a nutshell, many people are
singing the praises of Mini-Site Creator.

Jim is particularly proud of the four-star type review and
high-praise endorsement Mini-Site Creator received from Michael
Campbell, a highly successful and very well-respected Internet
marketer and educator for nearly 10 years, and the author of
several best selling ebooks, including "Clickin' It Rich" --
http://snipurl.com/ClickinItRich -- and "Revenge of the MiniNet"
-- http://snipurl.com/RevengeOfTheMiniNet --. Michael Campbell
calls Mini-Site Creator "the most complete web training course --
for would be marketers -- that I've ever reviewed." You can read
the full text of Michael's review of Mini-Site Creator at
http://snipurl.com/MiniSiteCreator. No wonder Jim Edwards was so
pleased to see Michael Campbell's review of Mini-Site Creator.
Rave reviews such as that are definitely few and far between,
especially when they come from someone like Michael Campbell.

Obviously, the opinion of a person with the experience and
reputation of Michael Campbell should naturally be given serious
weight and consideration. However, it's always wise to also do
your own research and due diligence. So to get free, instant
access to all the details about Mini-Site Creator and to judge
for yourself whether it's right for you and will meet your needs,
please visit http://snipurl.com/MiniSiteCreatorInfo

Copyright © 2005 Terry Mansfield

About Terry: Terry Mansfield is Owner/President of First World
Enterprises, providing online customers world-wide with a choice
of high-quality products, services, and business opportunities
since 1999. Visit Firstworld.Biz -- the LinkUp Place at
http://www.firstworld.biz to see current recommendations. And if
you're interested in making a Big Income as a Super Affiliate,
learn how at http://snipurl.com/SuperAffiliateInfo


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