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Why you Should Focus on the Positive
By Monica Resinger

I was once visiting with a person in my life who was having a lot of downs in 
their life.  The entire visit consisted of this person talking about each 
negative event in his life and many negative events that were out of anyone's 
control (he never misses an evening of the news).  Not once did I hear a 
remark about anything going on in his life, even though I can see many 
positive things... he has bought and paid for his home, he has a wonderful wife 
will do anything for him, he owns many nice things, he has great kids and 
friends, and much more, but the sad fact is that he isn't enjoying, 
or recognizing any of them.  

I have known this person a very long time and know that he's always been this 
way and it's as if he prophesizes his own future by doing this.  He has 
constantly stated: 

~ that it's too late for him to make anything of his life (he probably won't 
because he won't even think of options because he has stated 'it's too late')
~ nothing but bad happens to him (he doesn't see the good things because he's 
focused on the bad) 
~ there's never any nice weather & summer is almost over (even though it was 
a beautiful day the day we were visiting)
~ he never gets to do anything fun (every weekend who goes on a nice country 
drive & visits antique stores... that's not fun??)

So, even when he gets to do something fun, or the weather is nice, he doesn't 
notice because he's too wrapped up in all the bad stuff!

The fact is that we all have downs in our lives, but let's not forget there's 
a lot of ups such as a bright beautiful day, spending the day with our loved 
ones, creating a beautiful space in our home & enjoying it, a loved one 
appreciating you, being able to help someone in need, receiving much needed 
with a problem, good health, the rain giving us energy & life.  Also, I have 
learned to think of the downs as positives... a lot of the times they will spur 
needed change in our lives.  For example, getting laid off from your job could 
be a Godsend if your job is costing a lot in transportation to get there, a lot 
of stress if you don't enjoy it or you have a hard time with it physically or 
mentally.  The lay-off will spur you to think of other options and in the 
end, you will more than likely end up with a more fulfilling job or situation 
if the lay-off didn't happen you may have just continued the unhealthy job 
since it was easier than looking at other options.

If a person can see and appreciate the good in his or her life, they will 
feel positive and good most of the time and draw more good into their life.  By 
switching negative thinking into positive thinking, we allow positive things to 
flow into our lives.  For example:

~ instead of thinking that it's too late to make anything of ourselves, we 
can think 'it's never too late', this way we are open to suggestions from 
others, our own suggestions, 'lucky' things happening such as your dream job 
becoming available to you or a friend offering you partnership in their 
business, etc.
~ instead of seeing that 'nothing but bad happens to us', we can see all the 
good things that happen to us which will bring more good things to us all 
simply because we notice and appreciate them.  When something 'bad' does 
we will get through it much easier because we will see that even a 'bad' can be 
good and that we have so many good things in our lives that an occasional 
'bad' is okay.

I hope this has shed some light on why it’s so important to ‘think positive’ 
and that it will bring many positive things and events to your life.

Monica Resinger publishes an inspirational daily newsletter regarding life 
lessons from a Christian/spiritual point of view. To join her group, send a 
blank e-mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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