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Make your Life Blossom!
by Monica Resinger

When you accomplish something, you feel good about yourself and gain 
confidence... this is called self esteem.
>From experience, I know that my low self-esteem resulted from making very few 
accomplishments.  I was in a rut and didn't realize it.  Somehow I let myself 
get into a daily routine of the same thing each and every day... work, pick 
up the house, occasional errands, cook dinner and watch TV.  Day in and day out 
the same ol' thing.  My housework routine only included the absolute 
have-to's... dishes, picking up and vacuuming.  

I have a great family and life, so couldn't figure out why I felt unsatisfied 
until one day I put some thought into what makes me happy (before this, I 
prayed that God would lead me to do what he wanted me to do because I knew that 
He knows better than I what will give me joy).  My best days were when I 
accomplished something and I could see the results of my efforts.  Yes, picking 
the house and cooking dinner give results, but that is all I was giving myself 
each day.  I was wasting a large part of my day watching TV when I could have 
been accomplishing so many things important to me.  I was letting the 
organization of our house go, the maintenance of our yard, the fitness level of 
body, my interest in art among other things that meant a lot to me... all so I 
could sit & watch TV!  Not a good trade-off!

>From that day on, I decided to begin accomplishing things that are important 
to me.  I didn't jump in and try and do everything at once because I knew I'd 
get overwhelmed.  What I did do was make a list of small and manageable 
'jobs'.  The list is very helpful because it gets things out of my mind so I 
have to keep thinking about them... I can simply refer to my list.  I told 
myself that I don't have to do everything (or anything) on the list, but when I 
accomplish something and get to cross it off the list, I'll feel better about 
myself.  My list includes not only household improvements, but my interests 
too... dance and art.  Some examples of things on my list are 'clean & organize 
silverware drawer', 'decorate front porch', 'exercise' (I have made this a 
daily habit), 'practice dance', 'paint project', and 'eat right'.  I add things 
to the list whenever I think of them, or notice something needs doing and 
cross them off as they are accomplished, unless they are ones I am trying to 
part of my daily routine, like 'eat right'.  

Now, when I go through my day, I see the results of my efforts and I feel so 
much better!  For example, by eating right and exercising each day this past 
week, I have lost weight.  I have created a few paint projects over the past 
couple of weeks and some of our house is looking better from the small 
organization jobs I've been giving myself.  The great thing about this is that 
when you 
see your accomplishments, you get inspired to do more, so you get a snowball 
effect... your life will continue to blossom!

Monica Resinger publishes an inspirational daily newsletter regarding life 
lessons from a Christian/spiritual point of view. To join her group, send a 
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