Article Title: Write from Gratitude
Author Name: Julie Jordan Scott
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Category: Writing, Creativity, Personal Growth
Copyright Date: 2005
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Write from Gratitude 
Grow Your Art and Your Life
© 2005
Julie Jordan Scott

This is what happens when you write from your gratitude list.  

I hear variations of this theme from people, "I can't write
morning pages, they are a downer and they get me upset.. "

Morning pages, like anything else, go in the direction 
your consciousness points them.  I keep my gratitude lists
handy and when my intellect says "I have nothing to write
about" I simply take one of my lists and use the items 
on my list as my prompts.

The words, my energy, my heart - my writing - then follows 
the path I have intentionally created.  It feels good - and 
it paves the way for more abundance, for more gratitude, 
for more wonder - and for better writing as well.

Here is what I wrote today, directly from my cheapo,
morning pages notebook:

= + = + = +

"I am proud of me. As sporadic as my morning pages have been 
for the last week or so, I have been present to them at least 
in small ways. I haven't given them up in a tirade of disgust 
like I might have done in the past.

It is all good. A single scented candle sits on the table in
front of me. It is lovely in its simplicity. It's light, gentle 
and true, reminds me of sunrise and Thoreau's commentary on the 
sun being a morning star.  I feel blessed.

I hear my coffee, celebrating its last drop by giving itself 
a bubbling, crackling ovation in the coffee maker.  "We're
ready for drinking!" they call to me, the luscious aroma 
mingled with the simmering cinnamon apples on the stove 
which remind me of Mission Viego Mall, the second floor, 
at Christmas time.

I think that mall has a new, glitzier, ore "OC-esque" name 
now.  I wonder if that coffee store is still there? I wonder.

I look across the front entry to my living room and I see 
the morning fire dancing beneath what Sam calls "Christmas 
Socks". I can't feel the physical warmth from 2 rooms away,
but its presence says "peace" and for unknown reasons 
contentment washes over me, just like it felt last night 
when I pulled my comforter up and under my chin and 
snuggled into my pillows.

The stillness of the night said, "All is well," accompanied
only by my children's breath. in and out and in and it was 
all I could do not to cry from sheer joy."

= + = + = +

You can see in my writing the path wasn't straight or narrow. I 
wandered into stream of consciousness and yet I always 
stayed in gratitude,

Yes. That is what happens when you choose to write 
from your gratitude list. Try it.

= + = + = +

Julie Jordan Scott is a Writer, Speaker, Actor, Director
and Creativity Coach who created the 42 Days of Writing
Passionately Program - the Fr*e*e International
Writing Workshop which begins again on January 10,
2006. Check it our and register now: or

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