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Two Can Live More Cheaply Than One ~ Consider a Roommate.

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If living expenses are eating up your budget, one of the most 
popular solutions is to find one or more roommates to share 
them. Rent for a multiple-bedroom apartment is usually not 
significantly higher than that of a single bedroom or studio 

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Written By:     Kyle Thomas Haley
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Two Can Live More Cheaply Than One ~ Consider a Roommate.
Copyright © 1999-2006 Kyle Thomas Haley
An Apartment Directory

If living expenses are eating up your budget, one of the most 
popular solutions is to find one or more roommates to share 
them. Rent for a multiple-bedroom apartment is usually not 
significantly higher than that of a single bedroom or studio 
unit. So actually, with a roommate to share the expenses, 
you're able to live much more cheaply.

There are many places where you can find people who are also 
looking for roommates. Check the classified section of your 
newspaper and with acquaintances. Post a notice at your church, 
at work, or, if you're a college student, on a bulletin board at 
school. There are also several websites which focus on finding 
roommates and living accommodations.

Choose Your Roommate Wisely . . .

You must keep in mind that you'll be living closely with this 
person (or persons) so there are several things you should 
consider when choosing your roommate:

 * Make sure that your schedules and interests will compliment 
   each other. If you like a quiet life and your roommate loves 
   to invite people in for impromptu parties, it's probably not 
   a good mix.

 * How you live is another issue that should be considered. If 
   you're a neat freak and your prospective roommate is a slob, 
   there will be problems.

 * If you're a pet owner it's important to find someone who 
   shares your love for animals.

 * Be sure and specify whether you wish to room with a smoker 
   or non-smoker.

 * If you plan to share shopping and cooking responsibilities 
   choose a person who likes the same types of foods you do.

These are just a few of the issues that must be resolved if you 
intend to live in harmony with other people. Take the time to get 
to know a little about the person with whom you intend to share a 
home. It will prevent a lot of difficulty later.

Agree On the Rules From the Start . . .

1. Choosing a location:

If you have already chosen a roommate, or roommates, and are 
looking for an apartment, be sure you only consider locations 
that are convenient for all of you.

2. All roommates should be included on the lease.

This will prevent anyone being left "holding the bag" if one of 
the roommates decides to make other living arrangements.

3. Decide how the bills will be divided.

How the rent, utilities, phone bills, etc., will be divided is 
extremely important. While heat, water and electricity are 
usually divided equally, other bills can be divided according to 

For example, if one roommate has a larger bedroom and a private 
bath, while the others share a communal bath and have smaller 
rooms, this should be taken into account when determining what 
percentage each pays for rent.

And, while the basic cost of the phone bill should be shared by 
all who use it, personal toll calls should be the responsibility 
of whoever made them.

If there are Internet and cable bills, you can hardly expect 
someone who doesn't use a computer at home to share the Internet 

Be sure and put all of these arrangements in writing so there is 
no question or dispute later.

It's a very good idea for each roommate to set up one of the 
utility accounts (electricity, gas, etc.) in his/her name.

4. Decide how housekeeping chores will be divided and put it in 

While this may seem like a lot to worry about, you and your 
roommates will get along better if everyone knows what's expected 
from the start. Take the time to iron these things out at the 
beginning to prevent later dissension and hard feelings ~ you'll 
have a much greater chance of living together happily and 
harmoniously if you do.

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