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Secret Weapons Of A MASTER Butterfly Marketer

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Legendary Internet marketer, Mike Filsaime, teaches 
a brilliant concept he calls "butterfly marketing."

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Written By:     Willie Crawford
Copyright:      2006
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Secret Weapons Of A MASTER Butterfly Marketer
Copyright © 2006 Willie Crawford
Butterfly Marketing

Legendary Internet marketer, Mike Filsaime, teaches a brilliant 
concept he calls "butterfly marketing." Part of the concept 
hinges upon making little changes in your marketing that RIPPLE 
throughout your entire marketing mix.  These little changes 
don't just have a cumulative effect, they result in massively 
exponential improvements.

As I began first studying "butterfly marketing" I both saw its 
beauty, and saw that I already had a huge arsenal of weapons 
that could be made so much MORE effective just by applying the 
"butterfly marketing principles."  I won't cover those principles 
here. If you want more information on them you can find it at

Let's just look at a few of the tools that I use and why they 
work so effectively.  I'll cover just a few of the most effective 
tools, because I, quite literally, use DOZENS of them.  Here they 
are, in no particular order:

1) Review Sites.  People have been trained to comparison shop 
before making a decision. When you make that easy, they 
appreciate it, and if it's done properly, you can turn these 
comparison shoppers into your customers.

This will work in any marketplace. If you're selling exercise 
equipment, you can create a webpage reviewing the top three, or 
top five, treadmills, or dietary supplements.  You can often 
use data provided by the manufacturers for this.  As an online 
marketer you'd incorporate this into a content site that profited 
you by also using Google AdSense, or by being an affiliate for 
some of the products you are reviewing.

Yes, you can even be an affiliate for several competing products 
in this example.  While you may honestly believe that one product 
is "the best" you should also realize that "that product" might 
be out of your customers' price range, so also show them the 
second best option... and explain clearly why it's still a great 

You can do this with marketing courses, dating sites, diet 
products, or practically any other niche product you market. 
Help the prospects do their comparison, they'll feel that they 
have done their research, and then they'll click on your links 
to buy (or earn you AdSense revenue).

2)  Articles.  I use articles, just like this one, to educate my 
readers. You can do the same.  Creating great articles that are 
also amazing sales tools is no harder than imagining you're 
talking to a friend, and then writing out what you'd say.

What makes this such an effective tool is that it educates your 
"prospects."  When you educate you "earn" trust.  However, that's 
only if the TRUTH in what you write is overwhelmingly obvious.

Understand that the single bigger obstacle you have to overcome 
in online marketing is distrust. People have heard about numerous 
rip-offs, and in certain markets they also know all of the 
marketing "tricks,"  So you can only  sell them by proving or 
demonstrating the obvious truth in what you say.

Writing articles IS one powerful part of the mix.  Of course, 
an article is only effective if your can get it into the right 
hands. For that, a weapon I keep hidden is a "secret holster" 
is Content Propulsion Lab. They're at:  They'll help you to "push" your 
content into the marketplace in all of its different formats.

3)  MP3 Audio's and Podcasts.  People connect with you MORE when 
they hear your voice than they do when they just read your words. 
So, conduct teleseminars, strategy or brainstorming sessions, or 
coaching sessions. Record these, and then make the recorded audio 
available to your market. This builds the relationship with your 
market tremendously.

This is so powerful, that EVERY Saturday (when I'm not speaking 
at a seminar) I host live brainstorming calls. On these calls we 
do live website reviews, discuss marketing issue, and do Q&A. 
Sometimes, I also invite special expert guests onto the calls. 
Everyone on these calls grow to know and trust me... because I 
do allow them to actually know me.

I'll let you in on a secret here... Practically every tool in my 
marketing arsenal is something I "borrowed" from someone else. 
There's no need to reinvent the wheel. When you see something 
that works, add it to your arsenal. I got the idea of offering 
free calls, just to give a little something back, from Alex 
Mandossian.  He periodically does the same thing!

4)  video.  Video is a natural extension of audio, and with 
increasing bandwidth, it's growing at an amazing pace. In fact, 
I recently read an excellent special report called "How Internet 
Infomercial Will Transform Your Business." Infomercials are used 
on television simply because they WORK. The Internet is a natural 
extension of this marketing tool.  If you'd like to read this 
report, you can get a copy free at: 
It's eye-opening, and puts you in front of a HUGE wave.

5)  Actually Care About Your Customers.  As strange as this 
sound, this can easily allow you to outsell all of your 
competitors.  People can tell when you really care about them, 
AND when you're just "feeding them a line." Those that can see 
that you really do care about them... really do want to help them 
achieve their goals, they will place an amazing amount of faith 
in you.

Along with all of that trust, you also get a tremendous amount of 
responsibility.  It's critical that you not betray that trust. 
It takes a lot of time, effort, and energy to build that trust. 
That trust can be completely destroyed with one little mistake. 
Once that trust is destroyed word spreads VERY quickly on the 
internet, so it would be very difficult to recover.

In my book, "The Master Blueprint To Internet Marketing Success," 
I harp upon the fact that you have no right to toy with other 
people's dreams. That's what you're doing if you offer them 
anything other than what you're convinced is absolutely 
appropriate for them. Jay Abraham teaches his "Strategy of 
Preeminence" which emphasizes ALWAYS putting your customer's best 
interest first.  Make this your strategy and it will pay off 

6) The Softsell.  The tools I use, which are amplified by 
"butterfly marketing tactics" aren't always obvious. Just from 
reading the descriptions above, you can see that. Part of the 
reason for that is that people don't like being sold.

People like to buy, but they don't like being sold to. It's 
essential that they feel deep-down-inside that the buying 
decision was their decision.  It can be a very subtle difference, 
but it's amazingly POWERFUL.  Work at understanding that subtle 
difference, and examine all of your marketing efforts to ensure 
that they don't convey the wrong message.

I've just shared with you a few of the dozens of tools that 
I use to make me a very effective "butterfly marketer." As 
I previously stated, what makes it all so powerful is the 
exponential effect these tools had when used synergistically. 
Be careful to ensure that they don't cancel the effects of each 
other out though.  Study, understand, and employ these tools to 
take your marketing success to a totally different level! 

Willie Crawford has been marketing on the Internet for
over 9 years.  Many consider him, and his millionaire
mentors, the top online marketers.  Learn more of the proven
"butterfly marketing methods"  Willie and many of his mentors
use at:



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