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CURB & CONQUER YOUR FOOD CRAVINGS - Part I: Nourishing Your Body-Mind System

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The topic of food cravings is a complex issue. That's why most 
people are unable to overcome them. With a little understanding 
and practical know-how, however, you too can successfully quell 
cravings and adopt a balanced way of eating.

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Written By:     Kelly Hayford, C.N.C.
Copyright:      2006
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CURB & CONQUER YOUR FOOD CRAVINGS - Part I: Nourishing Your Body-Mind System
Copyright © 2006 Kelly Hayford, C.N.C.
Award-winning author, "If It's Not Food, Don't Eat It!"

The topic of food cravings is a complex issue. That's why most 
people are unable to overcome them. With a little understanding 
and practical know-how, however, you too can successfully quell 
cravings and adopt a balanced way of eating.

First, it is critical to understand that food cravings are your 
body's way of speaking to you. It is begging you to feed it 
properly, and it won't stop begging until you do. It's that 

When you give your body/mind system adequate amounts of the 
nutrients it needs and stop giving it substances that trigger 
insatiable desires, the cravings will go away. To start, follow 
these simple, yet vitally-important recommendations to be sure 
your body is getting what it requires:

1 ~ Eat three regular meals a day consisting of 70-100% natural, 
    unprocessed, preferably organic foods, such as fresh fruits 
    & vegetables; whole grains (i.e. brown rice, oats, millet, 
    quinoa, etc.); legumes (i.e. white, red, mung or aduki 
    beans); and fresh meats, fish or poultry.

2 ~ Take a "green food" supplement daily - especially barley 
    grass or a blend that contains barley grass as it helps 
    to stabilize blood sugar levels, which will help with 
    cravings for sweets and other substances as well.

3 ~ Make sure you're getting enough of the "good fats." Consume 
    1-3 tbps. extra virgin olive oil, sesame oil, virgin coconut 
    oil or raw, unsalted nuts and seeds daily. AND, take an 
    essential fatty acid supplement daily (i.e. Evening Primrose 
    oil, flax oil, fish oils, etc.) 

4 ~ Because the overwhelming majority of people today are 
    depleted of nutrients in general, it is also wise to 
    take a broad-spectrum whole food supplement every day. 
    Berry Young Juice, Frequensea, Body Balance, Noni Juice 
    and Berry Greens are at the top of my list as they are 
    especially effective at reducing cravings for poor 
    quality foods.

5 ~ Supplementing with an ionic mineral formula is also helpful 
    because our soils and processed foods are so deficient in 
    these essential nutrients. 

When introducing supplements into the body, it is wise to start 
with one at a time, taking half the recommended dose and 
gradually build up from there. I have known people who have 
quelled their cravings just by taking the above-mentioned 
supplements regularly without making any changes to their diet. 

For best results and your overall health, however, it is best to 
avoid or eliminate altogether substances that trigger cravings, 
such as the following: 

1 ~ Stimulants - including caffeine, refined salt, alcohol and 
    refined carbohydrates (sugars, high fructose corn syrup, 
    white refined flour, etc.) These substances act like drugs 
    in the body sending your biochemistry soaring out of balance, 
    which can cause powerful, addictive desires for them. 

2 ~ Common food allergens - including, but not limited to wheat, 
    dairy, soy, corn, etc. Most people today are sensitive to one 
    or more of the common food allergens, which are also notorious 
    for inducing unnatural cravings.

3 ~ Processed foods - especially those that contain monosodium 
    glutamate (MSG), aspartame or hydrogenated oils. MSG and 
    aspartame are neuro-toxic additives that trigger the brain 
    to crave more food in general. Hydrogenated oils, or the 
    "bad fats," deplete the body of essential fatty acids causing 
    cravings for fatty foods in particular.

Because they do not nourish the body-the very definition of food-
none of the above can truly be classified as food. In fact, these 
substances are known as anti-nutrients because they deplete the 
body of existing nutrients in order to process them through. 

Stay tuned for more help with this complex topic in Parts 2 
and 3. In the mean time, Follow the above recommendations 
consistently for the next 30-90 days and I guarantee your 
cravings will start to fade. You'll also start feeling better 
and have more energy to do all that you desire!

Kelly Hayford, C.N.C., is the award-winning author of 
"If It’s Not Food, Don't Eat It!" As a former junk food 
junkie turned nutrition and health coach she has helped 
thousands reverse dis-ease, and restore their health, 
energy and natural weight. For tips, talks and teleclasses 
on healthy eating and holistic self-care, visit: or call 303.746.8970



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