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Why We Hear So Much About Multiple Streams of Income

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Let's face facts; nothing in this world is set in stone, except 
for death and taxes. Businesses come and go. It is a fact that 
80% of businesses will fail within 5 years of their start date.

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Written By:     Terry Sparing
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Why We Hear So Much About Multiple Streams of Income
Copyright © 2006 Terry Sparing
Exercise Your Free Will

Let's face facts; nothing in this world is set in stone, except 
for death and taxes. 

Businesses come and go. It is a fact that 80% of businesses will 
fail within 5 years of their start date. While it might appear 
that MLM and Affiliate Programs can help the small business over 
the hump by accelerating their growth and sales, the utilization 
of MLM and Affiliate Program structures cannot save financially 
unsound small businesses. 

Now, don't get me wrong. I am not saying that MLM or Affiliate 
Structures are a bad thing, because they are not. There are 
multitudes of good companies that successfully utilize MLM and 
Affiliate Programs to grow their businesses and to help their 
sales people to earn a nice income. But the fact remains; a poor 
business plan will doom a company, no matter how many salespeople 
are working to promote its products and services.

If a new business is started utilizing a business plan that does 
not allow for adequate profits, then the implementation of a MLM 
or Affiliate Structure will surely hasten the demise of this new 

A company that will lose money by itself will hemorrhage money if 
it has hundreds or thousands of people selling its products or 

You should never invest all of your time, money and energy 
promoting the products or services of a single company. Even if 
you own the company, it is always best not to put all of your 
eggs into one basket.

When the sun goes down at the end of each day, one thing is 
certain. Businesses will fail. No matter what actions you take, 
you cannot change this outcome for businesses that you do not 

Avoid this worst-case scenario, by learning more about Multiple 
Streams of Income at:

It is always good reasoning to investigate any company with which 
you want to become involved. Take the time to learn about the 
company and their business plan. Make sure that you will want to 
invest your time and resources to develop sales of their products 
and services. 

Some Business Owners Are Sharp Enough To Adapt and Change

Not every business is created equal. Some businesses are owned by 
individuals who are sharp enough to read the writing on the wall, 
to change and adapt their business as conditions merit them doing 

Just like Ford and Chevrolet, when business owners see themselves 
drowning in a sea of red ink, they will implement changes to stem 
the tide of red ink.

Rather than to allow their businesses to go bankrupt, some 
business owners will make whatever changes are necessary to save 
their business.

They must decide whether they want to raise their prices or cut 
their expenses. Many business owners fear that raising their 
prices will be the very worst thing they can do for themselves.

So, many will opt to cut their expenses. 

Many businesses will simply cut the commission rates earned by 
their salespeople. Some financially troubled companies that 
employ MLM and Affiliate sales teams will often just eliminate 
those divisions and convert their company to a direct sales 

Everyday, companies find themselves facing new business 
realities. They take measures to adapt their business model. 
Whatever the business, whatever the situation they are facing, 
the company's management will always take care of their own needs 

As part of a company's sales force, you are just a cog in the 
wheel. When a company manager takes the decision to cut expenses, 
he or she generally has little care or concern about YOUR needs 
or the commitment you have given to their company. You are an 
expense, and when they are in the mindset of cutting expenses, 
you will be cut.

Companies are only concerned about their bottom line, and you 
should be concerned about your family's bottom line. Before you 
find your income on the cutting block, please investigate how you 
can take advantage of Multiple Streams of Income at:

If you take the time to properly investigate a company, you can 
avoid falling into these traps. If a company is in trouble, you 
are only inviting trouble to invest all of your resources into 
their success.

Multiple Streams of Income Is Just Common Sense 

When other people are in control of your earnings, then your 
financial survival is always at the whim these other people. 

I will bet that many people who have lost their jobs at Ford and 
Chevrolet had convinced themselves that their future was set in 
stone. They had a good job and sweet pay rate, working for a 
great American company. They were exceptional employees who bent 
over backwards to ensure that their bosses would remain satisfied 
with their work. What could go wrong? 

Now, they have learned that the corporate office decided to 
trim off some red ink by closing their plant. They are now out 
knocking on doors looking for work, alongside their bosses. 

If the plant was their only source of income, you can bet that 
these individuals are now sweating whether they will be able to 
pay their mortgage or not.

If people cannot trust in their positions at Ford and Chevrolet, 
how can you put all of your hopes and dreams into the single MLM 
or Affiliate Program you are promoting today?

The obvious answer is that you cannot and that you should not. 

As a basic idea, you should select several programs that you 
are willing to invest your time and resources. For the sake of 
example, pick five programs that you believe in. And then, spend 
one day each week promoting each program you have selected. 

By developing five streams of income, if one stream were to dry 
up, you would in theory only lose 20% of your revenue base. That 
is a lot easier to handle than facing the loss of 100% of your 

If you would like someone to assist you in your drive to develop 
Multiple Streams of Income, I would be happy to help you. To 
learn more, please visit:

One Final Note and Reminder About Taking Care of Number One First

When I first began to develop my own multiple streams of income, 
I always directly promoted my affiliate links for the programs 
that I was involved. 

Thinking on the reasons why I wanted multiple streams of income 
to start with, I realized that I was doing myself a great 
disservice by promoting an Affiliate URL. I would be kicking 
myself night and day if I spent a lot of time and resources to 
promote an Affiliate URL, only to find myself looking at another 
defunct MLM company or Affiliate Program three years from now.

At, I registered my own domain name for 
only $10 per year. I then found a company that offers Web Hosting 
services for less than $10 per month. As a result, for less 
than $130 a year, I can protect my own place in the existing 
marketplace, by promoting My Domain instead of an Affiliate URL.

If, for some reason, any of the programs I promote cease to 
exist, then I can simply change the information as it is 
presented on my own website. And, any advertising I create today 
for the purpose of promoting these programs can continue to 
deliver prospects to my revenue sources for years to come.

If you don't take care of YOU, who will?

My name is Terry Sparing. I specialize in helping others develop 
Multiple Steams of Income, for the purpose of protecting their 
financial future. If you would like a coach and a mentor to help 
you to realize your own financial dreams, then please visit my 
website for more information.
"Success Can Be Found In The Company You Keep." 



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